My Story: How I Became Katie IndiCrow

Welcome back to Crow Medicine. Today is a day where I tell you the exciting and fun parts of how I became a psychopomp and wound up doing what I write and talk to you about here. Aka, how I became Katie IndiCrow. *This is the first time I have ever told my public story. It would mean a lot to me if you took the time to listen to it. *


In this instalment, we get into the fun travel stories that come with life as a psychopomp and caretaker of the planet. Returning to that fateful day that I retired from University, I tell the story of going from life behind the books to life on the road. From France to BC *and back and forth again*, I went from site to site, country to country, meeting the other caretakers of the planet. Together, we worked to spark the sacred flame of human potential to its fullest and to heal the planet for the harmonic upgrade you always hear me talking about. It was very fun.

 Then came 2020. Year of transformation. Also the year I FINALLY reconnected with my husband. Also leading into the year *plus* I realized I would have t step down from my public presence to go into full planetary ninja focus.

 If you have ever wondered what this is all about, why souls need support, and how the vibration of the planet connects to our wellbeing. Tune into this episode. Through the telling of the story, you will hear it all.

*Also a very good one to listen to in order to get grounded in what the information in the astrology reports is grounded in relation to when I speak about the higher and the harder harmonics, as well as the transformation of the planet.*

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