Eris in Astrology: The Feminine Aspect of Aries

This month, we have been integrating asteroid threads of our human archetype aspects. This week (and every year around this time) we have a focus on a little-known yet highly influential asteroid called Eris.

Watch this video to learn a little more about Eris and how this energy may pronounce itself in your life.

Video about Eris as the feminine aspect of Aries

A little more about Eris

Did you skip the video? Go back and watch it for more information than what I have written in this summary to go along with it. One of the things that a harder harmonic Eris can do is encourage ‘rushing’ through things and skipping over meat and bones or main parts of an information point. Unhealed Eris often also ‘knows better’ and ‘cannot be bothered’.

Who is Eris?

Eris is an asteroid that represents the ‘feminine’ aspects of Mars and Aries energy in our zodiac. In its harder harmonic, Eris astrologically represents what we view as the ‘unhealed feminine’. Eris in this version shows up in not so nice characteristics including: gossip, being underhanded, and avoiding responsibility.

In its higher harmonic Eris represents the protectress. Eris looks out for safety. Eris knows how to fuse intuition with action and once active in high form, is a force to be reckoned with.

Because it represents what can be experienced as difficult energy and is an asteroid, Eris sometimes gets left out of typical astrology conversations. In fact, Eris is often left aside and ignored unless complained about because the energy is ‘too hard’. This says a lot about how we treat this stand and its potential within ourselves. If we are ready to embrace Eris, that is a good sign!

Why Eris is Important

As we work our way through the path, the feminine and masculine parts of the Eris energy spectrum come together to help us become more certain in our actions and more clear on how intuition can help us thrive in the world. Eris, as is the case with powerful parts of the feminine archetype, gets ignored. This leads to under-integration. As sch, Eris can feel pretty intense.

On October 18th, Eris makes its closest approach to Earth. It is also at opposition at this point. This is why so many people are feeling this energy ‘come up’ right now. It will be with some for the rest of the month. It joins (is joined by) Venus and Vesta.

Working with the affirmation:

“I call forth and connect to my highest harmonic Eris experience”

is a way to chart your path.

For More Information

I speak extensively about the masculine and feminine strands coming together in my June-September 2023 Seasonal Astrology Report. I recommend that you listen as opposed to read – there is more in the spoken report than the written. June-August 2023 Astrology Report: Re-Defining Our Connection to the Cosmos & One Another ā€“ Crow Medicine (

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Coming up: a conversation with Vesta!

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

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