Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York

Remember in June I said I went on a crazy journey and that I would tell the story? Well. Today is the day and this is the podcast where I do it. In this instalment of Crow Medicine, we start off into a whole new adventure: psychopomp stories.

That time I got called to Buffalo (and next to it) to close a gate and help return souls. 

Ever go to “Devil’s Hole” State park? Me, too. Were you aware of the myth of the spirit and battle of Pontiac associated with that place? Energetically, they were interconnected and created a low polarity point. What happened there was active until I went there to fix it. 

I am a psychopomp who travels the world helping to fix the energy currents of the planet and supporting souls as I do it. This is a story about how two historical events overlapped to create a real life passage point. Ever wonder what I am doing on all these journeys and why? Today, I talk about it. 

“Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York” 

(Summary video: Katie IndiCrow explains what it is like to be a psychopomp.) “Closing a gate to hell in (and near) Buffalo, New York and Niagara Falls.”


In this podcast, I lay out the foundations of what a psychopomp does via a story telling the adventure of a few days on the road in ceremony.

Segment 1: What a psychopomp is, what our role is, and why we are necessary. We help with birth, death, and when souls make major transitions. I am usually engaged in some form of soul moving, making sure people get where they need to go in safety and doing things like what I talk about in this story.

Segment 2: How I found myself at a gate to hell in New York. This includes how this gate was created and a little bit of what brought me there. This story includes the two layers of history: 1) the legend of the cave of the evil spirit and 2) the battle of Pontiac aka Battle of Devil’s Hole.

How souls get themselves connected to these spaces, and why it is important that people like me get information like this out there. A little bit of information goes a long way.


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This is a rich podcast that tells the story of astrology, the land, an example of how the history of a space creates and imprint, and why it is important that we become conscious that all this exists!

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