Pluto Goes Direct: Karmic Agreements and Soul Patterns Revisited

Pluto and Mercury have been active this week. October 8 as Pluto goes direct, Mercury is at dichotomy. Their connections are initiating a review of soul promises and karmic agreements. Have you been feeling a lot ‘come up’ this week? This is a sign you are being touched by the energy.

We are at a cosmic turnover where we are releasing and reviewing promises and contracts forged in this and all lifetimes of the last epoch. It feels intense if caught unaware. Even if you do know, it still is. We have a lot to think about.

An affirmation to work with as something you are feeling triggered by comes up:

“I am releasing it, not repeating it.”

Pro Tip: When the promises and agreements that are inspiring and nurturing come up, recommit. Bringing your best self is an active process.

For More Information

This is a topic we have talked about and will keep mentioning here on this page. Two of the most recent and relevant are:

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Notes for Students at IndiCrow Academy and Readers of ‘Soul Compass’

As promised, I will be making notes here and there about how to apply the materials (as the astrological alignments come up). In part 1 of ‘Soul Compass’ and ‘Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’ you learn about the messages in your emotions. These karmic agreements and soul patterns often make themselves visible to us in the ways we feel or how we react to something or someone.

This week (and the next two months) the energy will be giving us opportunity after opportunity to clear things up. As occurrences take place that bring us to emotional ‘triggers’ (or what used to be), work with them as an opportunity to employ your method of self-connection and talk to yourself. ‘Why is this really bothering me? What is the root of this?”. From there, if you are ready you may work with the advanced soul healing technique in part 3 (healing the flame) or the more simple yet still highly effective ‘soul, what do I need’? The tools you are learning are perfect for times like this.

**Also. Have a ‘big thing’ come up that gives you a vibrational knock? Get into your energy pillar and vibe back up. This will help you repair energetically more quickly and get back into the good path and flow this Pluto energy has to offer.**

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