Closest Approach of Jupiter

Hello, astrology fans. A little note and video to say that today, Jupiter is the closest to Earth it will be for the rest of our lives. The last time it was this close was October, 1963. The next pass like this is 2129. Some of you out there in the audience are fortunate enough to have experienced two close-passes like this in your lives. That is unique! Perhaps Jupiter has some special meaning for you.

I wanted to make this post today because reconnection and celebration is a big part of how we grow. Jupiter is an important part of our cosmic neighbourhood. Jupiter holds part of our archetype and is thus a teacher planet. Tonight is a perfect night to get outside, look up, and get a close look. Those so inclined may even say ‘thankyou’ to this powerful planet who is also a teacher. I know I did and will again.

****In celebration of Jupiter and bringing its highest harmonic form into our pathways and lives.***

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