Maximizing Equinox Alignments

A friendly reminder that Equinox is upon us. That means that the Equinox cracks are open!! As a result, more cosmic rays are able to make their way into the energy field of Earth (and therefore, us). We are about to have MANY solar flares that are earth facing. With the cracks open, they are going to be able to make their way right into the Earth and us. As you know, these sorts of cosmic events have soul sparking, life alignment potential. You probably feel this very much in your physical body, energy body, and emotional experience.


Feeling a lot come up? You are not alone. In fact, this big rush of energy that many are connecting to is specifically meant to do just that! Click here to hear more about the soul sparking, energy body and sun connection and how it is working this Equinox:

Blastoff into 2023: A Note on Forming Powerful Connections

As noted in the podcast *which was also my last formal post to you on this blog*, we are in a unique corridor which is the last 1/4 (or three month phase) before we celebrate the 10-year mark since 2012. This is a big deal, and as noted above, the cosmic factors are performing accordingly. Below is a summary of materials and ideas that are specifically related to what you study at my school as well as read and listen to here. What you are learning relating to getting into your energy pillar and doing the crystalline core source connection and is specifically useful in moments like this. So too are the soul healing and energy body alignment capabilities. This is a little note on ‘how to use it’ for all of you so that you may best appreciate the utility of what you are learning. Make the most of this!

1) Connecting to crystalline Earth helps you ground yourself in what can feel like rather intense physical and emotional experiences of this type of heightened flow. If you find yourself feeling wobbly or uncomfortable, renew that connection. Or, if you like to be proactive, focus a few moments at different points of the day that are going to ‘work’ for you to get nice and focused and stable.

2) Intentionally harnessing it and working to harmonize your physical body and energy body = potential to hit a new vibration, call in some knowledge, or otherwise improve your overall energy body, physical body, earth connection presence. Take moments to build and construct your energy body and physical body connection. Get into your pillar and take yourself out for a walk. Taking moments to dedicate to yourself in this window pays off. Talk to yourself and be clear to your soul with what your priorities are. Set your intentions, and then work on building your path.

3) Rapid energy change which these solar and Equinox conditions set the stage for naturally bring things ‘up’ for us to work on. This could be a soul wound, personality characteristic, goal, dream, or idea. Often, we first meet our ‘walls’. From there, blast off. To get from wall to blast off, work with your conscious self-connection techniques. In ‘Soul Compass’ part one and three, you learn about soul wounds, the message in your emotions, and how to work with conscious self-connection to fix your own. Ask yourself the source of your emotions and walls just as you are learning in the program. It works incredibly well here.

4) Intention setting in these phases works. So too does a good processing party. Go inward and ask yourself, “What do I require to feel nurtured, nourished, and loved this season?” When you get your answer, make sure you start building that into your schedule.

Additional Resources

I have released a book, courses, blog posts, and podcasts that are useful to maneuver your way through this process with. Knowledge and practical action = power. Here is a short list of the most relevant.

Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection is now a book. Get your copy here:

*Soul Compass the course is not accepting new students until October 1. It is getting a little makeover and upgrade. Current participants have access to their version.  

‘Breathe, Ground, Connect’: available right now. The go-to space to start the crystalline earth source alignment bit:

Turning of the Seasons (noted above): A conversation about the importance of Equinox and why this one feels like ‘so much’:

Calling New Energy into Your Path: a music exercise where you visualize calling new energy into your path:

5 Signs You are Experiencing Rapid Energy Change: a podcast where I talk about signs or rapid energy change like having a montage of your life flash before your eyes, feeling like Rip Van Winkel, and feeling huge waves of emotion:

Experiencing Powerful Emotions: A podcast about embracing your emotions, even if you feel like they are ‘too much’. (Note, they are not.)


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