Visiting Liberty Bell

Finally got to visit Liberty Bell in Philadelphia as a stop on my Equinox ceremony tour. Though I have been in and out of Philly several visits since moving down, this was finally the day to go to Liberty Bell. When I got to it, I was surprisingly so moved that tears started streaming!! Out of all the art and artefacts I have been fortunate to experience, Liberty Bell and Mona Lisa are the only 2 that have ever made my heart swell like that. Too good not to share.

We are working our way to Equinox this week. Our final one in this decade window since 2012. You feel all that ‘extra’ energy? This is part of why.

Click here for the Equinox special podcast:…/turning-of-the-seasons-and…/

Click here for a USA Pluto Return special podcast, talking about the energy of this land and what this special 1.5 years of Pluto moves means for us living here:

More on Philadelphia soon. That city has got some jam and I am really happy I get to be there doing the Earth thing.

I have traveled the world in ceremony for freedom. I continue on, now and always.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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