Turning of the Seasons (and Decade)

Did you happen to clock that we are walking into our last quarter before we are at our 10 year December 21, 2012 anniversary? Well, let me inform you. This is where we are at. This September Equinox and December solstice package is going to be a doozy! Doing dual duty with the wrap up of our 2012-2022 test phase AND representing the beginning of another much bigger wave, these two turning of the seasons are worth noting.

In this instalment of Crow Medicine (the podcast), I get us grounded in remembering what 2012 was about. More importantly, I talk about how our current cosmic moment packs infinitely way more punch than that moment did. You see, back then we got rocked out of a rut. Now, we have had a decade to test things out. As the sun, cosmic rays, and planetary activities naturally meet their connection points, we are about to experience the equivalent of a very large cosmic spark. (If you ask Venus, it has already begun.)

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Final Quarter Before Decade 2012 Celebration (1-18:00 timestamp)

We are just around the corner from September Equinox 2022. This is our ‘final quarter’ before we celebrate our 10-year anniversary since 2012. This decade was an important part of the ‘turnover’ phase, during which we moved from solar cycle 24 into 25 and through which we entered the transformation into the Age of Aquarius. Excitingly, the major objectives, themes, and contracts that had been created in relation to the ‘great awakening’ which that moment was meant to represent have mostly played themselves out. These will be months of review, repair, wrapping up, and moving on.  This season not only will be we seeing the ‘personal’ turning of the seasons and spark potential that comes with Equinox as well as this special solstice. So too will it see the completion of many soul projects.

Just in time for another, larger wave of awakening to come in its place. YAY.

Ultimately, the planet as an energy system and in its pathway of healing is progressing extremely well. In the year 2014, I made my first public appearance to you as Katie IndiCrow. My job then as it is now, is to walk the planet through these changes and to express these messages. We have met so many goals. In this segment, I talk a bit about the background of what these soul groups and projects were. The highlight points we met the last decade is going to be a ‘theme’ of what I write and talk about over the next few months. Subscribe, like, ‘follow’ to hear more.

What to Expect 19:00- 25:00 Time stamp (19-25)

Rapid energy change as well as the ‘wrap up’ and ‘start up’ that we are going to be experiencing more fully during these next three (plus) months. As I explain in the podcast, the cosmic factors plus the changeover factors that many of us are going to be experiencing will bring about: emotional and soul wound healing, the ability to harness new and different forms of knowledge, re-connection to your creativity, moving beyond a reality stream and into another, and the opportunity to make major energy leaps. 

Preparing to Make the Most of It (Time stamp 25:00- 36:00)

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Video Version of this Podcast:

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