August 2022: A Cosmic Turning Point

August is a turning point in our cosmic story. This post and the astrology report it contains celebrates it.

In this report the audio version I made a date. I listed the full moon and Venus into Leo a week earlier date wise than it actually happened. This is because I was following my soul and the Universe as opposed to a calendar. We worked the frequency 7 days early on this one to plant it. That said, it was wrong for what this report was meant to be. I apologize.


We, the human beings of planet Earth, are at a graduation moment where all of our work is starting to ground in this reality. Mars and Uranus forming conjunction, in addition to the movements of Saturn take center stage. This is a moment of freedom from a harmonic space where planets like these were used in a harder harmonic sense ‘against’ us. It is also a moment where we get to experience a more-pure connection to ourselves, this planet, and Universe. Without the obstructions.

In mid-July, a fresh energy started flowing. You heard me announce it along with the Pluto Cosmic birth on this page. That was a signpost that we had looked toward, knowing that once we met it there would be a change in frequency. Right on cosmic flow, things began to shift. Things started moving quickly including dissolving governments, emotional baggage, relations. All of it. Healing was made in leaps and bounds. A wave of it, in fact, has swept throughout our collectives.

 In August, we see that wave of healing grow stronger and more powerful. These are moments where those seeking clarity will find it. These are moments were those seeking Universal love within themselves will connect to it. This is a month of deep healing and awareness that will prepare us to launch ever higher in September. All that happens is related to what came before, yet more clear. This is exciting.

This month, a fresh energy is present because of the great personal work of so many people. This is a celebration moment. The planetary alignments of this month will be an important part of how we access it!

We are ready.

Having said that, August is also the type of month where planetary frequency has the power to bring things up powerfully that require our attention. Quickly. It is up to us to remember that is what is happening and to handle it with grace. Rapidly moving energy does not always feel ‘nice’. However, as I always say, there is plenty we can do to put ourselves in places to manage it. Even better, to power our lives.

This post is to announce this energy and also to invite you to listen to a podcast where I outline the significance of this cosmic moment. Delivered in the form of an ‘astrology report’, I speak about: a) the cosmic trajectory we are emerging from from, b) why it is significant, and c) how to work with the alignments this month to harness the fresh energy to improve your life.

When I think about the astrology for this month, the key things that stand out to me are:

-The potential for soul freedom in new and different ways that is not as obstructed from distorted energy as what we had been experiencing.
– Moving away from forms of spiritual manipulation that was happening via planetary alignments.
– Clearing of the decks in relations. Recognizing where stagnant energy was creating walls.
– Healing the masculine energy spectrum and welcoming its new high harmonic form into our lives.
– Rapid soul growth and a recognition of the important of self-connection.
– Seeing things clearly, even if we do not like what we see.
– Moving on from the last epoch into a new way of being.
– Finishing threads of long worked projects and seeing them pay off.

Key Dates August 2022

1: Mars + Uranus Conjunction

4: Mercury enters Virgo

11: Full Conjunction Moon + Saturn, Venus enters Leo

12: Close approach of Moon + Saturn

14: Saturn at opposition*

15: Conjunction Moon + Jupiter, Mercury at highest altitude

18: Close approach + lunar occultation Uranus

19: Close approach + lunar occultation Mars

20: Mars enters Gemini

22: Sun enters Virgo

23: Mercury at aphelion

24: Uranus enters retrograde

23: Conjunction of Moon and Venus, Mercury enters Libra

27: New Moon Virgo, Mercury greatest elong east

29: Conjunction of Moon+ Mercury, Moon perihelion, Mercury dichotomy

Scroll Down for The Podcast where I discuss these dates, the themes they bring about, and for resources published here that you can work with to slingshot your way through it!

*Podcast down for fixing.*

To Access the Astrology Report:

On Anchor: (This is a webplayer anyone may listen to, no login. I will place an inline player at the bottom of this report so you can listen directly from this page should you so choose):

On Spotify:

Apple podcasts: Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century: August 2022 Astrology Report: Fresh Energy Incoming on Apple Podcasts

Time Stamps:

0:00-5: 30 Intro and summary

5:33-27:29 What came before: our cosmic story and very recent journey through astrology and Universal healing moments.

27:29- 42:00 August astrology and why it is a breath of fresh air and celebration point

42:00-46:34 Suggestions of how to positively ground this energy.

This astrology report is ‘long’ because it features a ‘recap’ in segment two that brings us through the harder harmonic alignments and healing process we experienced during December through March 2022 (as well as before). I speak about things in-depth here, including an update on Jesus (from ‘astrology of Jesus’) and how, during those months, many people met the harshest strands of energy in our spectrum. Moving from Saturn Square Uranus (2020-2021), then through the Mars, Pluto, and Saturn conjunctions, we have faced the strangest things.  In July, we saw the ‘dissolve’ start coming in full play. That meant in the world but also, internally. Big waves of healing were initiated and will continue to be.


Readings and Podcasts

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4) Healing the Mars and Uranus Energy Experience:

5) Processing Energy and Emotions: 

6) Identifying and Moving Away From Spiritual Manipulation (also available at the player below all the text):

7) Pluto Power: Preparing for Rebirth: Pluto Power: Preparing for Rebirth – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (


Improving Your Mars Energy Experience:

Auric Field Clinic:

Big love!

Katie IndiCrow

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February 2023 Astrology Report: Rediscovering Miracles Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century

Welcome to February 2023. This is a month (and phase) where many people are going to be having soul sparking, soul awakening, positive self-connection experiences. After what has felt like a few years 'on pause', there has been a huge movement at the gates. People were frozen for a little while as we went through what felt like an energy winter. The ice is thawing, the roads are connecting, and people are once again resuming that powerful process of becoming. Real life opportunities to experience and be a human, to experience and be souls, to grow and to change are becoming more available again. People are feeling more ready for them. The big huge comet fly by coming up on February 1, solar flares, and the planets that these reports are about are helping to shake things up. We ARE moving from one age to the next. We ARE healing from a big thing. This is a month where we get to experience the softness and the miracle. Look up and look within.  The theme for conversation this month is bringing in the various threads of ourselves and learning how to act as this new whole. How do you know your soul is activating or making its way to expressing itself in a new way? Listen to the report to hear. February is all about grounding in self-love, self-efficacy, and bringing ourselves into new forms of expression. Can it be scary to feel the emotions that come with this? Absolutely. It takes courage to feel. But we are ready and we can do this. This is part of learning and reconnecting the mystery and miracle of who we are as well as the mystery and miracle that is life in this Universe. We have miracles happening all around us. It is up to each person if they choose to recognize and be inspired by them or not. Another key theme: moving beyond the opposition of material and metaphysical, rational and irrational, dominant and subordinate forms of knowledge and oppression. It is changing. We are part of conceptualizing that new integrated world where we recognize complementarity. KEEP IT GOING FUNDRAISER: The Planets and Asteroids of this Month 1: Fly by of a comet we have not 'seen' since 50, 000 years ago 5: Full moon in Leo 7: Vesta in Aries, Jupiter semi-sextile true node, Moon at aphelion 11: Conjunction of Mercury and Pluto, Mercury enters Aquarius 15: Conjunction of Venus and Neptune, Mercury at aphelion 16: Pallas goes direct, Saturn solar conjunction 18: Sun enters Pisces, moon at perihelion, conjunction of Moon + Mercury 20: New Moon in Pisces, Venus into Aries 26: Jupiter quintile Pluto 27: Close approach + Lunar occultation Moon and Mars Support Materials I mentioned 'Energy Pillar' and my other projects that are useful to grounding the soul and body connection. Check them out in more detail here:  To listen to Psychopomp Stories: To buymeacoffee and say 'thanks for the podcasts': To hear more from Jerome Headley "Krystalline Living' (he is also on spotify and apple) My book 'Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection': — Send in a voice message:
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