Full Moon in Aquarius + Conjunction with Saturn + Venus Enters Leo

A new phase of our journey, together.

Today is a full moon in glorious Aquarius. Aquarius, as we know, is the water carrier or cup bearer. Some images of it have the constellation depicted as a pitcher pouring that fresh water into the sky. As mythology states, into the mouth of the Southern Fish. The Moon reaching its fullness in Aquarius will act much the same way. It is like a fresh drink of water.

The energy of today (this moon) is silvery and clear, flowing with potential. In one harmonic experience it is powerful building material. As I have been saying in recent posts, these are important moments to construct your pathway. Put yourself in places to receive inspiration. Go outside. If you are feeling inspired to do something ‘new’, do it. If you feel like writing, get the pen out. The fresh perspective ripple that is resultant from your great personal work and cosmic happenings are paying off. This is unique and special.

Part of why the energy of today (and the next three days) will feel so ‘full’ is that there are other astrological events going on. For example, we are having a conjunction of the Moon and Saturn the same day as the full moon. This pattern of moon to Saturn continues into August 12, bringing that calming deep healing energy into that space, preparing us for Saturn at opposition on August 14. As we are moving into these days, it is possible that we may experience ‘rug pull’ moments and personal tests. Remember that once something happens, we have the power in that we choose how we react, interact, and move forward. (More on that in future posts.) *Do not allow the frustrating aspects to overwhelm the good bits.*

The final astrological event I will mention that also happens August 11, right along with the full moon and Saturn conjunction, is Venus entering Leo. Venus in Leo reminds us of the importance of bringing fun into life, in particular our home spaces. Finding the sense of humour and the heart in things are powerful lessons that this planet and constellation teach us. Laughter in the home is important. So too is it to the healing path. Laughter helps bring light into a situation that could otherwise become an obstacle and makes it part of the adventure, instead. It is an instant transformation agent. It diffuses situations. Interestingly, laughter just so happens also to be a great alchemical agent worthy of transforming some of those personal test potential knock-down moments Saturn brings into the ‘ah well, life happens’ spectrum. In other words, laughter helps us to keep it moving.


On a planetary caretakers note, this moon series has identified itself as a mark-point for deep healing in the human collective. Saturn has long been a planet associated with tough energy. Collectively, we have been working on healing our Saturn spectrum since the Great Conjunction on December 21, 2020. Cycle by cycle, we have been gently working this through. Cosmically, the Venus + Leo + Moon + Saturn frequency is like a breath of fresh air in that space. My sense is that now through late September, a lot of people are going to come home to themselves in new and different ways. As I sit here to type this, I know that means: deep emotional experiences where we feel things that have been long buried. One of the key core wounds that I feel being addressed is the re-connection to self-love. Many people out there have been walking around with the idea that they are not ‘good enough’. This is a moment in the story where many of those people are going to begin to see themselves as worthwhile. I am genuinely excited about that.


This is an exciting moment. Though it may feel ‘anticlimactic’ and sort of ho-hum right now, it represents something beautiful that I have been anticipating. I am so excited about it, that I will most likely be ‘offline’ writing wise, the next few days as part of my caretaking tasks.  *See you on the other side.*

I have created several resources that may be of use to people who are seeking positive self-connection suggestions. This includes a brand-new music video about connecting to love and feeling self-love that is particularly relevant to the energy of this moon-Venus-Saturn experience. Some are podcasts, some exercises, and some are articles Here is the short list:

Tuning to Love: A brand new 3-minute exercise that I created this week that you may work with to tune yourself to love. “I am loving, I am lovable, I am deserving of love, I have a place in this world” are some of the key phrases you tone with: Tuning to Self-Love – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (crow-medicine.com)

Calling New Energy into Your Path: A music podcast that features an exercise to build your path with fresh energy: Calling New Energy Into Your Path – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (crow-medicine.com)

Giving Yourself Moments to Receive: A Video about how slowing down and creating moments of peace here and there are helpful to bringing in the inspiration, new ideas, and fresh energy of this season into your life: Giving Yourself Moments to Receive – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (crow-medicine.com)

5 Signs You Are Going Through Rapid Energy Shifts: A podcast and article about how to recognize you are going through big energy change. Being awake all night, feeling buzzing in the body, and you are having a montage of memories are all potentials: 5 Signs You are Experiencing Rapid Energy Shifts – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (crow-medicine.com)

When a Lot ‘Comes Up’ for Emotional Processing (what it means and how to handle it): An article about how to recognize that you are ‘processing’ and suggestions on ways to do it comfortably. This energy will bring a ‘lot up’: Processing Emotions and Energy – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (crow-medicine.com)

Experiencing Powerful Emotions: A podcast about what it is like to feel very strong emotions and how to learn to ground them. Told from the perspective of a ‘highly emotional person’, this is a no blame zone where we see emotions as a good thing: Experiencing Powerful Emotions – Crow Medicine Media.

I also encourage you to scroll the blog! You may find my full list at https://www.crow-medicine.com/blog .

Happy healing, friends!

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

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