Tuning to Self-Love

Feeling loved, lovable, and deserving of love is something that many of us struggle with. Admittedly, this was perhaps the #1 lesson I had to learn. This article contains a music video + affirmation exercise that you can work with to tune your energy field to self-love. This is great for shifting inner dialogue and is a powerful tool to work with to support tuning to love.

Why do so many people struggle with self-love?

There are a lot of answers to this one. Even though we are wonderful people who are capable of loving other people, that self-love and feeling love as the tone of daily life part can be a bit hard. Over the years, we have experiences that lower our vibration. Perhaps we are raised in an environment lacking love. Maybe we have a heartbreak or a falling out. Perhaps we do not accept parts of ourselves. When we do not proactively deal painful situations, or we have to be in them for too long, they can start to weigh us down. They become the ‘tone’ we hear. They also become part of the narrative we form about our own self worth.

One of the #1 things that people seek in this world is love. People want to feel loved, experience love, and feel accepted. Not having that experience is a huge source of confusion and grief. When it comes down to core reasons why we do not have these experiences, not being tuned in to the love harmonic is a base factor. You see, when we are carrying the weight of the past (or current) hurts with us, they have the capacity to tune our ‘radio’ station into that lower bandwidth. We start wearing these feelings of lack of self-love and lack of self-acceptance in our auric field. We hear the negative self-talk. We believe that we are not worthy or worth love. Unfortunately, this is where we then may start attracting experiences in that reality spectrum.

The good news is that there are things we can do to tone and tune our field back to the love harmonic.

A core teaching that you will see again and again around here (and at my school) is the power of fusing meditation + energy alignment + affirmation to create a ‘tuning’ experience. Working with the three together helps you get to your desired radio station, repair your auric field, and help you start attracting more high harmonic experiences. It is also just plain nice to work with sound as a way to help focus and inspire intent.

This morning, I felt inspired to create this ‘Self-Love Personal Tuning Exercise’ that you can work with to tune your auric field and energy body to ‘self-love’.

This is great for people who are: seeking support accepting their emotions (and feeling accepted in their emotions); seeking to tune their vibrational experience to ‘love’ and to feel more of that than ‘negative’ bandwidths; Interested in calling forth more love and loving relations into their lives; and who are healing the wounds of lack of love (and lack of self love).

Instructions: Sit back and press play. *Full screen is bottom right of the video and will take out any visible text from my website for optimum viewing. If you have studied at my school, you may like to take a few moments to get into your energy pillar and then start. Email list people, click the image and it will play.

I love to say the affirmations a few times in the space provided. Each repeat is like another layer of your build.*

The exercise 👇

Doing an exercise once is a start. Something like this works with repetition. We gradually tune our vibration with consistency and dedication. This simple tool was created intentionally in that way so that it would be a) easy to fit in and b) not be intimidating. Start your day here or come when starting to spiral. Work with it to touch up or remind yourself!

For More Like This

The concept of tuning your energy body and auric field is one that I work frequently at my school and through my Crow Medicine music podcasts. I *will* be posting more exercises like the one in this post as the seasons continue. Stay tuned.

Crow Medicine Music Podcasts: This is a list of all currently available Crow Medicine Music podcasts. These are available on ‘spotify premium’, where the music licensing allows me to do my thing. I recommend starting at the ‘most recent’ and working your way back. Personal favourites are ‘Calling Love into Your Path’ and ‘Calling in New Energy’. I put the ‘good ones’ at the top. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/50IeuLj9uuLq6hNcPmvlQC?si=baf32d631c1949f4

IndiCrow Academy: My most recent program, Auric Field Clinic, is a great option for people who would like to learn more about tuning and repairing their auric field to a higher harmonic and keep themselves vibing at the ‘bandwidth’ they prefer + more videos that they can work with in their daily life to do that. Click here to get your copy now: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/aura-clinic

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In addition to releasing the practice, here, I have also uploaded it onto my ‘buymeacoffee’ website as a fundraiser for this site. If you would like your own personal copy of this practice to download, I have posted it for $5 and $10. *Remain anonymous by just posting your initials and no email address when the first screen asks for it.*

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To encourage me to make more like it, let me know you enjoyed it! Positive feedback is a powerful motivator.

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

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