Giving Yourself Moments to Receive

This is a short video about the importance of making moments to receive as integral to experiencing the maximum benefit of ‘Fresh Energy August’ and beyond. Though speaking to our cosmic moment, what I share in this video transcends it! Take this one for the road.

Moments to receive are: opportunities where you get to be yourself, explore new possibilities, ask the Universe questions and hear the answers, and discover the sacred connection between you and everything that is around you. They are also moments where you get to align your energy and construct your highest path. They are, in short, some of the very best moments we get.

As I have said throughout the entire last year, our Universe and in particular, Solar System, have been going through a tuning process. As we talked about in July as well as August, we have gotten to an important moment. The ‘New Energy’ part. You probably started feeling it yesterday, after the calamity of what came before it finally started to wear away.

This little post is made with the sole purpose of encouraging you to create as many moments to receive as you possibly can. This month and the next two are cosmically significant. More of that in future posts, and ones I will link as resources to this one. For now, I deliver this heartfelt message that suggests some ways to get yourself ready to receive. As I say, this is an active process. August we have Leo who is fun and playful to inspire us as we do it. YAY.

(If you are reading this in an email from the list, you may click the center of the image to ‘play’ the video. Also, scrolling down to the bottom of the message will bring you to a direct link to this on my blog page.)

As I noted in the video, the concepts that I spoke about such as getting comfortable in the body, learning to hear the messages in the way you feel, and forming a powerful basis for soul connection is exactly what I teach about at my school. In fact, the program ‘Soul Compass’ walks you gently through the basis of all of the above. These are also main topics at this blog. I will link some of the key ‘new’ ones below. I encourage you to scroll through ‘the ‘energy management’ tab for more. (The blog is still growing with ‘new’ resources. The school is too. Sign up for the email list to stay in the know of what we have going on.)


Energy Management for Busy People:

August Astrology Report:

Calling New Energy into Your Path:


As noted, the foundation of the body and soul self-connection and communication and get comfortable theme is the basis of Soul Compass. It would be an honour to host your learning journey, there. Note it is on *special* for $300 as opposed to $400 for all of August. Need a payment plan? Happy to set one up! Just email me at to request that: .

Otherwise, this is what I teach about as a baseline of all of my courses. Auric Field Clinic and Breathe Ground Connect also feature parts of this. As will new courses, as energy management mixed with metaphysical mastery is my thing! You may email me and let me know where you are at and what your interests are in order to hear my recommendation for you at Visit the school here: .

Back with more, soon!

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