Thank you note

This is a post that is simply here to say thank you and to extend a special ‘sale’ I have on the go this weekend as part of it!

July has been a powerful month in the world, as well as here at this blog. This month brought with it my ‘full time’ return, and with that, more visitors than this site has ever seen.

This post is to say first off, thank you to the people who have been here all along. I value your support. Especially in the days that I was building this blog up. (For those of you who are unaware, this is ‘new’ project. My old website was replaced last year in June.) Thankyou.

Secondly, to all the new people who are visiting: thank you. I appreciate you coming to visit the page. It is always a bit of a ‘jump’ to go read or listen to a different teacher. Especially one who does things as differently as I sometimes do. I hope to get to know you, and that what you learn here is of benefit to you on your path.

Thirdly, to the ‘returning’ students and fans. It is great to see you again.

Fourth, it is to say thank you to all the people who are recommending my page, sharing my posts, and tuning in. I appreciate you.

In the spirit of excitedness and thanks, I am making this post to extend a special offer out to us from now through August 3, 2022: That is, 10% off of ANY PROGRAM that I teach at IndiCrow Academy. Even the ones already ‘on sale’.

Just type July10 in the coupon box at the checkout. If there are any issues, email me. I am ‘new’ at creating these.

Top programs:

Auric Field Clinic: This one is hot off the presses and it is all about how to get yourself into tip top, high harmonic shape. Covering over the core *yet overlooked* concept of your auric field, we speak about it in terms of everything it does. This is your energy processer, this is your information getter, this is a huge source of your intuitive messages. It is also your cap on the world that keeps you ‘in your energy’ (or not). This is 100% friendly for all skill levels and is what I would consider to be ‘must know’ for everybody:

Healing Your Mars Harmonic: This one is around about a month. We work with the Masculine ‘Mars’ energy purification going on right now. Going through how and why Mars harmonic got lowered and the practical experiences of living through it (like dealing with rage, finding ways to ground the power, and working through the old archetypes). Working with concepts like healing genetic memory through meditation, energy repair and harmonization, I teach you specifically how to fix your Mars relationship (especially the Aries part). What you learn here, you can easily abstract to your future harmonization work.

Soul Compass: Healing and Hearing Your Soul and Body Connection: This is one for people seeking to get a well-rounded, grounded connection in the fundamentals of the soul body connection and soul repair. This is one for people who like the structure of a week to week suggested reading schedule, lots of exercises to practice, and who would like to advance their knowledge into the new paradigm with me.

Click here for the rest:

It would be my honour to welcome you to my school! Offer is on until end of day August 2, 2022.

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