Calling New Energy Into Your Path

Hello, friends! As you know from all my posts and podcasts, we are in a cosmic moment (really, series of moments) of great change. I know that many people are curious about how best to connect to the ‘new’ energy and bring it into their lives. As you can tell by now, this is something I am passionate in telling people about. So passionate that this morning, I woke up and I recorded something very special to support people in doing just that. Inspired by the powerful fresh energy accessible to us now, I recorded the best podcast I ever recorded. This is a 15 minute harmonics exercise all about ‘calling new energy into your path’.

Actively and Consciously Connecting to New Energy and Bringing it Into Your Path

Work with this powerful exercise to call fresh, new energy into your path. This 15-minute activity brings you through an exercise that you can do to actively and consistently raise your vibration and to call new energy into your path. *Read the full post for more resources, a full summary, and alternate forms of access.*

How does this work?

As I explain in the podcast, the point of doing an activity like this is that it puts us in the drivers seat. By taking these moments of focused intent, we work with powerful (yet simple to understand) metaphysical concepts to drastically improve our lives. If you follow my astrology reports or have visited my other socials or ‘teacher’ website, you have seen me speaking extensively about us being in this fantastic and unique moment of change. If you have not, the cliffs notes is: We are in a pocket of transformation through which a lot of ‘new’ strands of energy are being transmitted. You probably feel it. It is up to us to connect to it. In this tone setting music podcast, I bring forth the concept of ‘highest harmonic’ and how working with it helps you effectively and efficiently build this into your path. *This is one of the core teachings at my school, read below for some courses that I teach about these specific concepts in. (They are all on sale because the economy is rough.)

Have you ever felt ‘stuck’ energetically, or wondered how you could more effectively work with all this ‘new’ energy you hear me talk about? If so, this one will be of particular interest to you. Tune in, vibe up, and listen to an amazing song as part of your highest harmonic energy calling and pathway building exercise. This is a fun one that also packs a powerful punch.

Crow Medicine: Calling New Energy into Your Path on spotify premium *double click this player to be brought directly to Spotify to hear it (and remember to ‘follow’):

Featuring the song ‘Bliss’ by Solicit and the harmonics method that I designed and teach at my school, IndiCrow Academy.

Alternate Access:

Not a spotify premium member and would like to access? The full audio is available through my ‘anchor’ page. Please note, when it comes to the song I select as part of the exercise, my licensing permission is only for ’30’ second song bites there. When it comes to the ‘song’ part, just put it into your ‘youtube’ or other player of choice and vibe out. Come back to anchor for the wind down when it is complete. You can listen to that through my anchor page (no login or registratin required): (one must view from this actual site to get the music podcast versions).

At the end of the exercise, I mentioned a number of resources. They are:

For More Music and Self Connection Podcasts

Full List of Crow Medicine Music Journeys: I have a whole playlist of these that were created over the past year or so as I worked out my form and we moved through planetary energy. Start at the top of the list as I have organized it for the most recent and ‘best’ ones:

Talk Based Podcasts

5 signs you are experiencing rapid energy change: Why We Feel Start Feeling (and Feel More) Energy – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

Why We ‘Feel’ So Much: Why We Feel Start Feeling (and Feel More) Energy – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (


Breathe, Ground, Connect: Foundations of Harmonics and Energy Management (a great place to start where you focus on this and building up your energy body to be strong and clear while also learning how to work with meditation and harmonics as a day to day energy management strategy: *approx 1 month study.*

Auric Field Clinic (this is the brand new learning opportunity. It is on ‘early bird’ discount for another day after this post. This one is all about how to tune your auric field, get it repaired, and how to keep it clear and pure for optimal life experience and self connection: .  *Taught like a ‘clinic’ the information is designed to come back to time and again as part of your management strategy.*

Soul Compass: This is a 3 month learning experience that lays out the basics of self-connection, the basics of metaphysics behind how to heal and repair your soul and energy body, as well as how your soul body connection works:

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I am very excited to put this out there. It would mean so much to hear if you enjoyed it.

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

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