Mars + Uranus = Deep Healing in the Masculine Energy Experience

Today marks a day where we move into a new part of the masculine energy expression and experience. This is a very good thing. So good, that I put together a slide show, a harmonization exercise, a podcast, and a course about it. Read on to view it all!

Deep Masculine Healing in 2022

We have been happily experiencing deep healing in the masculine energy threads throughout 2022. Two of the power players in this configuration have been Mars and Uranus. This post talks a little bit about their relationship to one another and highlights its importance.

Mars and Uranus are forming a powerhouse configuration all 2022.

Uranus is a planet that has major strand healing power. It connects us to the true nature of us. Accompanied by the moon, Uranus is on a powerful Mars and Aries tour, this year. Mars represents part of the dominant masculine energy strand. It represents action, power & the ability to get things done as well as men, relations with men, and what it is to be one.

Healing Aries and the Wounded Warrior to the Empowered Protector

The Mars-Aries strand is where some of the hardest harmonics of the masculine energy expression exist. This tour has meant: Healing generations of experience in the masculine dna memory spectrum and our family patterns. This is important but intense.

Uranus and Mars will continue their journey together through the rest of this year. Mars, being a man, and Masculine energy expression is a positive thing. This is where we begin seeing and being and accepting that more in self and others.

If you have been reading and listening along, here, you know that this is a theme of our season as well as all year in part because of all the lunar occultations in Uranus that are happening in Aries. (See the resources list for more on all of the above.)

A Special Moment for Mars and Masculine Healing

Part of the transformation of the seasons is progressing from the ‘hard’ healing into the happier moments. Mars and Uranus have several ‘power days’ on July 21, July 22, August 1. There are more later on in August as well as throughout the rest of 2022. Come back for more details on those as we approach them.

Today (July 21) represents an important sparking of a higher harmonic expression of Mars energy. It is also a touchpoint signifying we are moving from very ‘hard’ lessons to ‘more pleasant’ ones. As we progress through August and beyond, things will get a little more ‘easy’ as the higher harmonic band opens more consistently. As I consistently say, the ‘easy’ or ‘nice’ is not guaranteed. Old patterns dissolve easily, and the past month we have seen a significant amount of ‘old’ be moved very quickly off of this archetype. You may have heard me speaking about a ‘great dissolve’? Well. A part of what was happening with that was the accumulation of a lot of honest, earnest, good work by people all over the world healing their Mars, along with some powerful cosmic alignments coming into effect.

*If you are seeing this post in August, all of this still applies. This is a 12 month cycle.*

Affirmations to support positive connection

One of the ways to support positive grounding is to work with intentions. As you know from recent posts here (and your own lives), when you set intentions you are tuning your energy field, building positive resonance, and physically constructing that into your energy signature.

Two simple but powerful ones for right now:

“I call forth and connect to my highest harmonic Mars Energy Experience.”

“I call forth and connect to the healing power of Uranus. May it spark my path.”

Keep Moving

It is common for a wave of initiations to come with a conjunction like this that represents an energy path shifting. Many people have already begun noticing this all 2022 with the Mars healing. Especially around early March. When we see ‘choicepoints’ come up, that means that we have a potential to ground the new resonance and frequency. Choicepoints are initiations. If you feel like you come to a point where you can repeat an old Mars pattern, see it for what it is. Adjust your behaviour and choose the better path. You are here to embody this change. YOU are making a difference for this now AND future generations. For specific guidance on how to do this:

For More Resources

I have created some useful resources that you may like to tap in to in order to further refine your Mars and Uranus connection. When we do spiritual dedication on power days, like this, it is like a battery pack. This alignment series is something I have been writing and talking about since late May. I have selected some of the best bits that explain and support one in tapping through them all:

A Focused Mars + Aries Quick Study Course that has tools you can work with to practically improve your Mars expression:

***This is a highlighted resource.******Building on that, I have a created a targeted learning engagement that is a) a description of what happened with the Mars in Aries strand rooted in history, b) a conversation about how we carry war (and other Mars related) energy in our DNA, and c) you learn how to actually shift that resonance in your dna (and to recognize that is what we are doing)  through behavioural modification and intentional energy pathway building. This is the practical advice you have been looking for: Improving Your Mars Connection: Creating a Higher Harmonic (


A MARS AND URANUS SELF CONNECTION MUSIC EXERCISE: Mars + Jupiter Cosmic Kickstart – Crow Medicine Media

Mars in Aries Astrology Special: This talks about the specific energy we have hit an apex with, today. It is told from early May, before the huge wave of transformation that came up since solstice began to ground. It does reference extensively the journey of Mars in Uranus, and talks about why Aries is coming up so much right now. There are a lot of things that I cannot say on social media that I say in this podcast:

I also encourage you to scroll through my blog. I have just reinvented this one as of a year ago after a ‘crash’ so everything here is new. This will bring you to the master page. I have done my best to lay out a grounding of things people who are seeking information on empowerment through positive transformation or what it is like to be energy sensitive (and enjoy it) as we move through these changes. There may be something here of use to you: .

This is Part of the Cosmic Birth I Wrote About in July and the wave of love this podcast is about :

This is exciting, friends. Albeit intense. Remember that this is a beginning of something that we will be feeling in collaboration with other powerful factors such as Pluto moving to opposition in July. The solar system is healing and so are we, energy strand by energy strand. This Mars part is a very special part of the story. Click here to hear about rebirth:

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