Cosmic Birth Celebration

Today marks something very special in the Universe. What was sparked in the wee hours of the morning as Pluto came to opposition and made its closest pass to earth will ripple through the next eight or weeks (and beyond). We are at a moment that marks a birthing. Our solar system has been transformed and we, friends, are about to live through a notable shift.

Why is this so significant?

Those who have been following along with the cosmic story I express in my ‘astrology’ related posts know that we are currently going through a tuning of our solar system (and Universe). This has to do with the planet healing as well as the planets improving their relationship to one another so that we are all operating in a more pure higher harmonic than we were vibing at.

Lately, you have bene hearing me speak about Mars and Mercury. One of the planets you have heard me speak about before that today brings back into focus is Pluto. Ever since December 21, 2021 we have been having a powerful Pluto toning in the solar system. We have a Taurus North node, Scorpio South node transit happening that began mid-January. We have experienced movements of Pluto through eclipses, conjunctions, and as the predominant ‘theme’ of what we were exploring. (You may remember me speaking a lot about this back in December through March.) During those months, we met what I would consider to be the hardest harmonics of Pluto as well as the planets. Through those months, a tremendous amount of ‘what came before’ (as in historical energy threads, personal patterns, old archetypes, societal trends) that we may like to see the ‘other side’ or ‘underside’ of came up. Without going back to those moments, I would like to acknowledge that they happened. They represented a moment of deep emotional healing for many people. So too were they for this planet, our solar system, and Universe.

As anyone who has experienced deep healing knows. There are moments that can feel very hard. After those moments and the self-realness and life changes they bring about (or are brought about by), you emerge feeling reborn. Refreshed. Renewed. You see the big picture a little better. You feel more light. Life improves.

This is what is in the process of grounding in our planet *solar system, Universe*.

After today, we have close approach and lunar occultations of first Mars (July 21) and then Uranus (July 22), which then moves us into a Mars and Uranus conjunction (August 1). More on the what next after we move through this moment. It is important to mark this moment for what it is.

We, friends, are in the process of cosmically graduating from the hardest transformation series we have had together in this lifetime. Congratulations. We made it. You (we) are strong, diligent, and made of love. We just proved that.

Would You Like to Hear More About This Special Moment and Why It Represents a Graduation?

Good news. I recorded a short podcast on it. You can access at the player linked at the bottom of this text or through this link:

Ever wonder what I was doing when I stepped down from the public or why you did not see images of me for a very long time? I tell part of the story in this podcast. It had a lot to do with clearing up the harder harmonics of Pluto and every planet it met in order to have things streamlined for these moments. Come to my FB page, blog, Instagram, and podcast to hear parts of the story. I tell a little bit each day.

Moving into a Higher Harmonic

As I say in the Pluto part 2 podcast linked above, the reason why I am so excited about today is that it marks a transformation in the journey we are on in healing the archetypes, our solar system in this Universe. A moment of rebirth if you will. Do you get the sense that something big is coming? Well, it is. In fact, it has begun. It is up to each of us to tune into it and to make the most of these next two months.

Is the higher harmonic path guaranteed? No. We have to work for it. When we see something in our lives ‘come up’ that represents a choice point, we still have to make the choice to change, improve, adjust. Patterns and old archetypes are easier to dissolve now, however we have to do the inner work and outer life transformations to be able to ground this. In fact, during moments like these next two months we are about to experience, it is common to see more initiation points and moments where we are able to rapidly shift our potential. It is up to us to be observant and ready to act.

Mars and Uranus are going to help with that.

Up next, we have a lot of Mars and Uranus sparking. The masculine energy strands have been undergoing GREAT healing through the Pluto journey in the past few months. This part of the energy spectrum in male people, but also in all of us, is in the process of being harmonized as well. As you know from my other posts this has been ongoing. If you are seeking more information on how to positively transform your experience that the masculine energy thread, I have a little something that may be of interest. On ‘special’ $25 for the next 4 days to honour this moment (and good for so much longer than that): . Key highlights of this one are a tool to improve your Mars energy experience (which then trickles into the masculine energy strands and everything else they touch), tips on how to move through choice-points with success (and to even identify what they are), and valuable information I have not said anywhere else that has brought great peace and self-understanding to the people who have taken part in it, so far (in their own words).

Great Job, Everyone!

Congratulations to everyone. We made it. This is a moment we will look back at as significant. Stay tuned for the story. I will be here telling it, bit by bit. Especially stay alert for the August astrology report.

Are you feeling it?

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

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