Pluto Power: Preparing for Rebirth

Pluto is at Opposition this week. Guess what? This means CELEBRATION.

Do you feel that freshness and like something good is finally here? You are not crazy. It really is. As we move toward July 20 and Pluto at opposition, I come with good news. We are at a moment of rebirth.

Late December 2021 into mid 2022 has been an especially poignant phase for initiations and experiences relating to Pluto. Beginning on solstice, punctuated with a volcanic eruption, a node switch, conjunctions with Mars, Venus, and then Mercury, Pluto has led us on quite the journey into the depths. Depths of ourselves, our societies, and in my case, the Universe. Sometimes, that has been rough.

What has that meant in real life terms? That many of us have encountered questions about our rights, autonomy, and freedom. The big stuff. We got to see where we (and others) sit. If you felt like that was a lot, it was. Big picture, this helps us prepare for seeing, doing, and expressing things in a more clear and pure harmonic. (I talked about all of that in pt.1: Pluto Planetary Power 2022 – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

Well. Good news. That part of the examination is over for now. We, friends, are moving into a nice bit. Well done everyone. We made it through ALL OF THAT and now, we get to enjoy what comes next. (Make sure to come back to this page for the August report, or tune in to the podcast linked to this post, to hear the ‘what next’.)

Ever wonder why I disappeared from the public? Or what I mean when I say ‘I am in ceremony’? In this one, you get the story. Short answer: for ceremony and specifically, what I talk about in here.

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Come back for the August Astrology Report to hear more about all the great energy incoming.

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I also wanted to announce that I have a new learning experience that covers over some material that I know this community needs. What is it? This is one all about managing your auric field. Your auric field is a key part of your energy body that picks up information for you from your environment and delivers it to you through your senses and sensory system through your body. Despite being essential to our senses, a great many people never learn how to master theirs. In fact, I would put this up there as top 3 ‘problems’ people have with being energy sensitive that is ‘easy’ to fix. It was just not a topic that was talked about much as many of us were ‘coming up’. I know this because I hear the same problems over and over again, even in advanced psychics. This learning experience seeks to help get this essential part into your flow and working more in alignment with you. Join in and learn how to tune and repair your field so that you a) stay in your ‘own’ energy, b) are able to tune to the vibration or harmonic that works best for you and c) to have more ability to ‘hear’ the messages your auric field brings you. being released on July 22 (and available for early bird sale of 50% until that day, then it goes to %75, then up to $111. Click here for more information and to visit the course directly: Aura Clinic: How Your Auric Field Works and Ways to Care for It (

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Energy Management for Busy People Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century

Busy people of the podcast world: this one goes out to you! Being busy but also knowing that finding more self-care and energy management time is a #1 concern that people have. We know that taking 'time for us' to 'take care of us' is important, yet we lead full lives. With children, businesses, school, sports, and all the great things we do, it can be tough to fit a little 'me' time in. (It can sometimes seem unnecessary when we are living our dreams.) As many busy people can tell you, there comes a time in many of our lives when being 'booked up' leads us to a point where we feel bogged down. We start getting lethargic. In my own case, I wound up experiencing migraines and extreme IBS. This leads to burnout, falling out of love with our lives, and eventually, turning to podcasts like this to help ourselves figure out how to fix it. This rock bottom is totally avoidable. If you have not reached one yet: good job! Taking steps to manage your energy will keep you from having that experience. If you are there or have been there, you know exactly what I mean.  This is something that is very common. Even people who are living their dream can get energetically exhausted. If this is you, do not feel ashamed of yourself. You are not alone. You can heal. Energy management, once you take into the factors that I talk about in this podcast like what we carry with us from one meeting to the next, or when we get back home, it becomes rather easy to take care of. In this podcast, I share some of my best energy management strategies for 'busy people'. I promise, you will not hear me tell you to take a day off. Rather, in this installment, I talk about the importance of finding ways to work within what you do have. 1) Identifying what you require to feel nurtured, nourished, and loved  2) Working with bookends  3) Creating an oasis of peace (and using it) and *4* which is throughout) Finding high impact moments where you are able to layer the things that work for you. As I share throughout, one of the key concepts for energy management, in particular for energy sensitive 'busy' people, is to find things that work with your schedule and responsibilities. Keeping an ongoing flow or regular self-connection and alignment moments for self-healing is something that helps us stay our best. In each of the segments, I suggest how to do that.  Study with Me: Auric Field Clinic: Breathe, Ground, Connect: Resources: I mentioned that I host a blog. At that blog, I share energy management techniques and articles. You may visit and check out a list of recent articles at 'Feeling Ungrounded: Processing Emotions and Energy: Processing Emotions and Energy – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century ( Deliberately staying away from advice you probably heard before, I work to share unique tools and tips that will help you enrich and enjoy your life! Thanks for tuning in! Katie IndiCrow
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