With Love From Mercury

*Today Mercury is at Superior Solar Conjunction* As such, we are going to give a little love out to Mercury.

Mercury is a planet that represents strands of our archetype that relate to the ways that we express ourselves (and hear others), the way that we move in the world (or do not), and how we are able to process and ground information. That includes what we ‘canonically’ call information like what we receive from books, courses, or documentaries. *It also includes being able to ground emotional information (so the messages in and through our emotions) as well as energetic information (what we pick up with our ‘senses’).

Mercury often gets a bad rap. It gets blamed for the messages, information, and experiences that it brings with it. When Mercury goes retrograde, for example, the cacaphony of posts about why to watch out happens. People often pass off their negative feelings about their own lives or what the planet showed them onto the planet itself.

As part of the toning of the solar system that I keep talking about, we get to rework our relationship to Mercury. You heard me talking about Mars most recently (and will again). The same process we are working on with improving our relations to that archetype, so too are we with Mercury.

Mercury, in its highest harmonic, is clear and direct communication. You are able to know which steps are the next one to take on your path (and they show up for you just as you require), you know how your energy body and soul works and hear those messages in pure and clear form, you are able to speak articulately to get your point across, you are able to listen when others speak and really hear what they have to say.

Signs you are experiencing a harder harmonic or the ‘older’ archetype of Mercury energy: You have a hard time expressing your ideas OR do not like to listen to what others have to say, you take great offense at an opinion that does not match your own, you intentionally stay away from or resist hearing information that will mean you have to adjust your path (like willful blindness), you have a very hard time figuring out ‘what next’ OR you push your what next on others (that is a combo Mercury Mars thing), you gossip or engage in gossip energy, you have a disdain for Mercury retrograde.

If you are in the higher harmonic, that is excellent. Keep it up! If you come into the harder, know that the main difference in what we do is the choices we make in perception, self-regulation, and action. Moment to moment. Mercury is about the journey, and there are parts of it where we take stock. We see what is working and what is not. If you found yourself in the harder, do not be ashamed. Most of us were (or are) still experiencing parts of it. We all started there. And now, together, we are creating that higher harmonic resonance. The work is done in the solar system. (That is part of the ceremony I have been at these last few years along with others working to do exactly this.) Now it is up to us to live it.

A simple way to work with the potential of today:

I call forth and connect to my highest harmonic relationship with Mercury.

I call forth the ability to recognize and appreciate the wisdom of Mercury when it comes into my path.

Additional ways to improve:

Keep listening to my astrology reports and paying attention to what I post here. This is a key theme of what I talk about.

Come train with me. I teach about all of this as a baseline. Especially in Soul Compass. I have a new opportunity below that is especially helpful.

Work on it! For example, today you may have an experience that you could react in the harder or higher harmonic. React in the higher. That helps create your path and grounds that new frequency into your reality.

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Interested in this upgrading planet connection thing? Good news. I have a learning series about it that I am releasing one by one. *You do not have to do all to do one.* Mars is our ‘key’ planet that is up for healing (as you know from other posts these past months). Click here for a poignant, powerful ‘Improving Your Mars Connection’ experience. (Also on ‘early bird’ for a few more days.): https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/mars

For the July Astrology Report where I talk about Mercury superior solar conjunction and all the other action we have going on this month: https://crow-medicine.com/…/july-astrology-report-the…/

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

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