Moon Power This Week

Feeling that Full Moon in Capricorn nestling in. This marks the beginning of another ‘phase’ in our journey. Between now and July 22, we have all of this happening:

July 13: Full Moon in Capricorn

July 16: Mercury solar Conjunction

July 17: Venus into Cancer

July 19: Mercury into Leo

July 20: Pluto opposition

July 21: Lunar occultation and Close Approach of Mars*******

July 22: Lunar occult and close approach with Uranus in Aries*****

As you know from tuning in to my July astrology reports and reading my other posts, we are in the process of a ‘toning’ where the moon is gently ushering purified self-connection points as it touches along its path of conjunction with each planet. (Click here for that ICYMI:…/july-astrology-report-the…/

July 13 we have a full moon in Capricorn that is also a supermoon. This is a ‘kick’ off. As you can read above, it is closely followed by a Pluto opposition as well as the Mars lunar occultation and Uranus lunar occultation in Aries that represents a key moment in the healing of the masculine energy archetype these represent. I mentioned it in the astrology podcast, I come back to say it again:

This can be intense if you are not ready for it. It is like meeting the wall again and again and again. On top of that, you may feel signs of rapid energy shift (see below for more on that). The moon and its path with the planets are creating a space for us to dissolve our limitations or connections to old realities and begin again (or continue afresh).

When you are prepared, or when you feel the higher harmonic, this is all about experiencing things in a grounded, realistic way that makes sense. A ‘new’ kind of sense. As we work our way through the moon and planetary connections, this week, a person in this experience will be having clarity, grounded action, getting back into (or reiterating) strong household organization, and jumping over ‘the wall’ of energy that tries to keep you in that old harmonic.

Special guest star? The sun. We have been having increased solar activity. I predict there will be more. Prepare accordingly. Here is graph showing activity the 13 into 14. All that red, we feel. I talk about it in the feeling energy changed podcast. Listen in I’d curious


Part of having a higher harmonic experience of this all is grounding in a knowing of what is happening. From there, it gets exciting.

In addition to the July astrology report where I address the energy dissolving that is so key to what we are experiencing (linked above), I add these few resources.

1) A brand new podcast on experiencing rapid energetic change. Awake all night? Doing rapid temperature changes with no environmental switches? These are but a few examples of how to tell if you are experiencing this. Click here to read the top 5 signs of energy change and why they happen. (Although uncomfortable, this tends to be a good thing:

2) Mars articles and a brand-new learning experience (on early bird access for the rest of this week). The Mars learning package brings you into you a conversation of that masculine energy strand as expressed through this archetype. This one is very neat because I talk about the historical trajectory affecting this strand in the past few hundred years. Healing it and raising our harmonic connection to Mars and msculine energy strands is a very good thing. Great for all bodies, this one examines things from a ‘Mars’ Aries perspective and focuses on raising how to use vibration, action, and behavioural path-making to get your Mars sorted: Click here to get direct access now to the Mars learning package for $30: Improving Your Mars Connection: Creating a Higher Harmonic (

Click here for Mars related materials here on the blog and podcast: Improving Your Mars Energy Experience ā€“ Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

3) I also wanted to announce that I have a new learning experience that covers over some material that I know this community needs. What is it? This is one all about managing your auric field. Your auric field is a key part of your energy body that picks up information for you from your environment and delivers it to you through your senses and sensory system through your body. Despite being essential to our senses, a great many people never learn how to master theirs. In fact, I would put this up there as top 3 ‘problems’ people have with being energy sensitive that is ‘easy’ to fix. It was just not a topic that was talked about much as many of us were ‘coming up’. I know this because I hear the same problems over and over again, even in advanced psychics. This learning experience seeks to help get this essential part into your flow and working more in alignment with you. Join in and learn how to tune and repair your field so that you a) stay in your ‘own’ energy, b) are able to tune to the vibration or harmonic that works best for you and c) to have more ability to ‘hear’ the messages your auric field brings you. being released on July 22 (and available for early bird sale of 50% until that day, then it goes to %75, then up to $111. Click here for more information on what your auric field does and to see if this applies to you: How Auric Fields Work ā€“ Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century ( or visit the coures directly: Aura Clinic: How Your Auric Field Works and Ways to Care for It (

I know that many people miss my ‘pay what you can’ scale. I had to stop doing that because it makes keeping track of things for taxes difficult. To continue remaining accessible and with budgets in mind, I now do generous pre-sales like this. I still also do payment plans.*


You may be feeling the call to clean your house and get your affairs in order, today. That is a sign you are ‘ready to receive’ and that you are already connecting to the influxing of fresh energy. Good job.

Katie IndiCrow

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