How Auric Fields Work

Our auric fields do a lot of things. They are the ‘cap’ for our energy bodies and help us keep ‘in our space’. Turned on, they hold electromagnetic frequency and detection capabilities that allow you to ‘feel’ your environment (and beyond).

Everything has an energy signature and a vibration. Spaces and people hold ‘stories’. Your auric field is one of the ways that you experience or ‘sense’ or ‘see’ or ’feel’ this. Have you ever walked into a place and thought ‘wow, something definitely went down here’ from what you ‘sensed’? Your auric field is part of your sensory system that picked up that information and filtered it back to your body for ‘interpretation. 

Our auric fields are a key part of managing our experiences of ‘what we tap in to’ as our common ‘vibe’ that we feel and hear each day. They are also the source of where a lot of our ‘intuitive messages’ or the things that we energetically feel get picked up through. As I describe in detail in this podcast ‘Why We Feel and Start Feeling So Much’, our auric fields are our interface to the world (and beyond). They are the #1 source for ‘discomfort when uncaed for. It becomes a favourite part, once sorted out. listen in: Why We Feel Start Feeling (and Feel More) Energy – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (,

Some common signs your auric field is requiring a little boost:

-Frequent sensory overload

-‘Feeling everything’

-Finding oneself having their energy drained or flowing without their consent.

-Feeling like you have no filter (or too much filter)

-Feeling uncomfortable moving into and out of environments because you have a hard time adjusting.

Some common reasons you may like to work on your auric field:

Everyday auric field care is a must for many energy active or energy sensitive people. Here is a short list of reasons why one may benefit from more auric field care

-You are highly active astrally.

-You are expanding your senses intentionally.

-You are feeling a lot and working to cap or adjust it.

-You are finding yourself tuned into a harmonic or bandwidth that you do not like and you would like to fix it.

-You sense ‘too much’ and you are seeking a relatively quick way to help yourself fix that.

-You are a nerd and you would like to find out about optimal body and energy body function.

Though powerful and integral to a) how our systems work and b) if we feel comfortable or not, AURIC FIELDS get ignored. If you never heard any of this before, it is not because you are silly. It is because this part of our system is misunderstood and overlooked. Today is a great day to change that.

Were you reading this post and thinking, yup, mhm, I would like to learn more about how to manage that? Good news.

I just released a brand-new learning experience called ‘Aura Clinic: How Your Auric Field Works and Ways to Care for it where I answer every one of the above points AND what I speak about in the podcast. In detail. Even better? I teach you how to fix it.

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In ‘Aura Clinic’, I teach about the foundations of your auric field as a sensory mechanism. From there, I address how regular daily life as well as our energy experiences create regular ‘wear and tear’ on them. Once we have that grounded, I deliver specific tools that you are able to work with to repair and maintain yours. This is not about bulky practices, this is about quick, easy to fit into your life adjustments that you are able to work with ‘on the go’ or to stay super strong and in your own energy as your ‘all the time’ experience. *This is set up as self-access. You can start right now, or as you please. The benefit of registering now is getting a nice discount.

Early Bird Access is a Significant Discount

I know that times are tough. The ‘pay as you are able’ ‘pay in your own currency’ offers I used to do just do not fly with current tax regulations and make things very difficult to track. I can feel people missing them. My answer to both economic hardship and the pay as you are able solution is to release all my new programming on ‘tiers’. Early bird is an almost 50% discount from the full offering, in this case.

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Hope to see you in the course!

Katie IndiCrow

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