The Great Dissolve (part 2)

The Great Dissolve (part 2)

There are times when you write out a report or forecast an energy that you know is going to be a big deal. Then it starts happening, and the big deal is such a big deal you have to write a part 2. There may even be a part 3. In fact, I am fairly sure there will be.

Late June, moving into early July (and ongoing), we began a conversation with the moon, sun, and planets that was like a ‘toning’ for our solar system. That toning put into place a harmonics adjustment that had been in the works. It brought forth a ripple of healing and visibility that I have been lovingly referring to as the ‘Great Dissolve’. The Great Dissolve, in about two sentences, is a process by which we are experiencing a high volume of energetic shifting that is naturally occurring as part of the toning process. Each day feels like a wall of energy because it is. We are moving through healing Mars in Aries strands now and through the next two weeks. We are in the pocket of a specific wave of healing with Mars, the moon, Jupiter, and specifically, some ‘Aries’ parts of the archetype. To hear me talk expand upon that for about 30 minutes in an astrology report, click here: July Astrology Report: The Great Dissolve – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

As part of the dissolve that is ongoing, we are right now having also real-world shifts. Big changes are happening. Two of them that are particularly related to the dissolving of the archetypes I have been chatting to you about in my podcasts and blog posts. Just a few days ago, I released an ‘USA Pluto Return’ podcast. In it I spoke about some of the weight of the land, here. As you know, I work the land. Part of that is tuning ‘sites’. Not all sites are good ones. In fact, some weigh down those old archetypes. Excitingly, yesterday am and then all day yesterday, a site of the not so great type was taken down. In full. (You may have heard about the Georgia Guidestones. This is specifically what I am talking about.) As a result of that, we had a major phase of lifting in USA, yesterday. You may have noticed it felt weird. This is partly why. The advice I give at the end of this podcast and in my upcoming Mars session will be very helpful to people living here. The dissolve of the energy that represented is ongoing. I am personally very excited. Click here for the USA Pluto Return podcast:

Another very interesting development is waking up to see the news of a rapid shift in the government in England. The flood of resignations seems to have led to the top, with Boris agreeing to step down. England holds a very special place in my heart. One of the images affixed here is from my most recent journey there. Seeing this pop up there, it felt right to make note. Holding this transition in its highest harmonic pathway, in love for England as always. It has been a few years since I got to visit, but you are always in my heart.


As I mentioned, this has a heavy Mars focus. Between late June and July 22, we are in the middle of a pocket of lunar occultations of Mars and lunar occultations of Uranus (happening in Aries). As I mentioned in the resources already linked with this post, this is having far reaching impacts. The Mars or masculine energy strand (which exists within all of us) is getting a good cleaning. It can feel intense to have a rapid release of energy and the increase of an improving relationship to it can feel a bit … moody. The higher harmonic of Mars energy, and the masculine strands is: the ability to be a loving protector, being decisive and quick acting, feeling empowered in who you are (and supporting that in others), working together for a common goal, progress, and so many more good things.

Have you been healing and working on some of your Mars wounding? Perhaps dealing with how you handle intense energy? Working with repatterning how you feel and work with it in yourself? Wondering how things within this archetype got so hard and how to practically fix it in you?

Good news.

I put together a powerful ‘quick study’ learning experience that is all about improving your Mars energy experience. It is ‘cheap’, cheerful, and easy to dive into this weekend (and beyond). Self study access, so access as you please. I released the ‘intro’ video for you to get an idea of exactly what you will be learning. I know that money is tight for a lot of people these days. With that in mind, I put together a banger that will take you far without hurting the pocket. This is a package that I am very proud of (Full link to see its summary, register, and get all that comes with it is here:

Visit this page for a more written blog description and video summary:


Come back! I will be making a video about what it feels like to move through walls of energy, I do believe. There is a lot in my creation sphere, right now, excitingly. If you have any questions about this that you would like to hear my take on, please feel invited to ask them. I will do my best to include it in my talk when I do it!


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