Upgrading Your Mars Energy Experience

If you have been keeping up with the podcasts and posts, you know that we are having a major reworking of the Marsian energy strand. This is a major part of our transformation from one harmonic to another, societally as well as personally. *Not sure what I am talking about? Scroll down for the podcast suggestions, they are there!

Announcing A Brand-New Self-Access Quick Learn Experience

“Improving Your Mars Energy Experience” is the first in a series where you learn about connecting to a higher harmonic of one of the energy strands that make up the human experience. (You do not have to commit to the series. I am just mentioning there will be more.) We begin with Mars because Mars is a key planet representing the masculine strand. Bringing back my once beloved ‘quick study’ session style, this is put together for people who are ‘on the go’. Short, to the point, and packed with new information, these are meant to be like attending a public lecture series or pro workshop. Log in at your leisure, watch a video of me delivering information on the targeted topic, and then watch a second video of me doing demonstrations of 3 tools to bring into your life now as grounding your higher harmonic Mars adjustments.  It is up to you to do the legwork of grounding it. Total study time, in one go is about 2 hours. As with any good book or learning program, it keeps giving. You get your own copy so you can return to it again and again, even after you leave the Academy.

Have you ever wondered how an archetype gets weighed down? Or why this thing called ‘masculine energy’ that is apparently so heavy, exists? In this very special learning session, I lay out the idea of why we feel energy through DNA. I also approach it in relation to soul memory. Throughout, this session addresses about how events in recent history have created the space where the Aries archetype has become prevalent. Right now, we are working on healing that. This session speaks on this extensively. Even if you do not feel like you need to heal your Mars, it is worth the listen for the metaphysical lesson that comes with it.

Mars (Aries) is an energy that has been through a lot of unprocessed wounding. Wars, hardship, protecting families from scarcity or threat, and the weight of what other people carrying that energy have done to what it feels like to encounter (live) it.  When a person carries a lot of unhealed wounds, they tend to hold a hard harmonic (negative) feeling experience of Marsian energy in action.  This means in their acts as a man person, or in general, in interacting with that harmonic as it appears in the world around us. (This also means when we run into it in other people, as well.)

This is not just talking. One hour twenty minutes of a lecture and presentation laying out the fundamentals noted above. The second part comes in ‘2’. A tools video explaining how we improve resonance and frequency through day to day life. The third is a metaphysical tool that physically helps you repair your Mars connection. 

Mars is about action and doing things differently. As such, the exercises that I teach as part of the lecture series includes how to identify your baseline, recognizing the path to action when it presents to you, and an energy alignment tool that you are able to use to physically construct and call in your highest harmonic Mars energy expression and connection. Mars is raw power. The #1 most common ‘issue’ people experience is just not having the energy body capabilities to hold it gracefully (yet). 

 To access and register now:

*No ‘class times’. This program is up and ready to go. You are able to register now and access at your leisure. Once you purchase, you have the ability to log-in and visit it at the school for 3 months (or longer if you are enrolled in further classes. I do not keep a big backlog of courses or students on file to keep energy nice and clean)!* *see below for information on your takeaway products that you get to keep for future reference. https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/mars

What You Get

As you will see if you click the course page (the active link right above this text), you receive the body of the course on my e-school. As noted above, it comes with an introduction video (12 minutes), the talk (1hour 20 of the best Mars material I have ever delivered), and 2 tools videos (totaling 37 minutes). *The ‘short’ times are not reflective of it being ‘short’ on content. Rather, I structure programming to be easily digestible yet high impact like this right now because that is what my community asked for when I did a survey. No fluff, just information.

SPECIAL NOTES: This comes with a special Mars energy connection building tool to support you in yours. This gets its own video. All the videos are downloadable for you to keep with you as reference.

The program also comes with a 14 page detailed set of notes drawn up by yours truly. Add your own.

This is an extremely good value and some top-notch material.

**Available today. As a special incentive, I am keeping the price to register at $25 for another four days. It goes back up to $35, full price, after that.*

To hear me talk about Mars and to get an idea of the way I relate to it to ‘test’ out how you like my approach before registering:

USA Pluto Return: Stories from the Land (We are healing Mars in USA and have been the last two years as part of this. If you are American, you may particularly enjoy this one): https://crow-medicine.com/2022/07/04/usa-pluto-return-stories-from-the-land

The Great Dissolve (I talk about the Mars energy shift that we are experiencing and that this material is a great complement to): July Astrology Report: The Great Dissolve – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (crow-medicine.com)

Mars in Aries seasonal astrology special: Seasonal Astrology Special: Mars, Aries, and Jupiter – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (crow-medicine.com)

As Always, I will be continuing the conversation in future podcasts and blogs. Mars is an important part of all of our energy.

Big Love,

Katie IndiCrow

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