Solstice Ceremony: Celebrating Your Sacred Connection

Join me, under this tree, for a solstice ceremony. The theme? Celebrating your sacred connections, with a special nod to Planet Earth. Fusing nature sounds, crystalline core connection, and belief that you are all part of this, the goal of this journey is to honour life here on the planet.

Celebrating the Cycle of the Seasons 

Celebrating the cycle of the seasons is an honoured tradition. This June, we get back to basics. This ceremony is all about focusing on our sacred connection to Earth. In it, we re-new and re-commit to ourselves.  We say thank you to the planet and allow ourselves to be amazed at how excellent it really is to be here. 

The Ceremony

Format: In this 36-minute journey, I guide participants through a self-actualization activity that is all about sparking, acknowledging, and celebrating their sacred connections. Blending nature sounds and inspirational music, it begins with a breathing and energy alignment exercise (where you harmonize to earth and yourself). We move together to sit under a tree, where we tune further into our sacred connection with the planet. As we sit under this tree, I lead you through an inspirational self-connection journey. The ceremony concludes with affirmations for self-actualization and suggestions on how to bring the energy you are building here in this ceremony into your season.

Suggestion: *There is a section of thanksgiving and celebration in the ceremony. You may like to think about specific planetary thankyous for earth, as well as the other planets who have been supporting, guiding, and teaching you this season. This is part of forming that ‘high harmonic’ relationship I always speak about. Crystal friends, animals, sacred implements. Bring em all in. This is part of what makes it fun and unique.

Wasy to Access the Ceremony

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Ceremony begins at 11 minutes in. There is a short intro and hello celebrating the season!

What Happens as Teens + Young Adults Develop Energetically Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century

What do Harry Potter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Percy Jackson, and half of the cast of X-Men the original cartoon have in common? They are all tweens and teens who are in the process of discovering + figuring out their 'extra' abilities. Guess what? There really is something to this. Young people develop their intuitive senses and begin receiving more of their soul power around puberty. This is not just for movies. Because we do not talk about it, we often leave the young people in our lives vulnerable to spiritual entities who hunt and attempt to gain power over them through astral manipulation and false promises. **This does not just happen to young people. I also see this happening to adults.** In this instalment, I take you on a little journey into the world of waking up an energy body and soul senses and describe how and why that can make us a bit of a target for beings, energies, and experiences that are low vibrational and can get us into trouble. Told from the perspective of teenage Katie, I talk about my own experiences when 2 dark psychopomps tried to influence me. I tell you honestly about how they approached me and the trouble their presence eventually got me into in the real world (the only I EVER had in my whole life). You may recognize parts of your own journey. You may hear me talk about something that your child is experiencing. This is entirely the point of me doing this. We have to protect ourselves and the kids. Knowledge is power. *This is a story that is told as a story, which is a little different than this podcast typically is. Sometimes, a story helps us see how what is being discussed may be present in our lives more than just an informational podcast.* This is a cross-post with my other podcast. To hear my other psychopomp stories, you may just type 'psychopomp stories' into your search bar on spotify or by clicking here: Psychopomp Stories | Podcast on Spotify If you listen on Apple, you are already on Esoteric Earth Channel. Check the other podcast linked to it for 'psychopomp stories'. To request my expertise: My book "Soul Compass" goes a long way to giving you the tools to hear your own soul and learn how to discern what is good or bad for yourself: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection – Crow Medicine ( Energy Pillar (also in 'Soul Compass') is great for any age and has a powerful energy body grounding and repair component: Energy Pillar Upgrade – Crow Medicine ( Teens and tweens study my material often. Either with my guidance, a parent, or on their own. They are capable of this. Often, more than adults are in my experience. — Send in a voice message:
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  2. March Astrology pt 2: A Cosmic Opportunity to Receive Yourself
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  4. Turkey Earthquake pt. 2: the Energy Behind Ignored Safety
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I love writing and podcasting material about celebrating the elements of this sacred connection. This is a way of life! I podcast and blog through the cycles of the seasons. Sign up for my email list or visit again to check out ‘aligned’ materials as we move through them.

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“Feeling Ungrounded, How to Identify if You are Feeling Ungrounded’ and how you are able to fix it with your connection to earth: Feeling Ungrounded: How to Identify if You are Ungrounded and Ways to Fix It – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century ( (It also links to the power of processing, another great written article.)

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You can link to each of the above from ‘quicklinks’ on my snazzy main page:

June Solstice ‘Sale’ at IndiCrow Academy

A second point is that I have put up a little solstice ‘sale’ at IndiCrow Academy. As you will hear, that sacred connection this ceremony cultivates and celebrates sits at the heart of my programming. The past few weeks, I have been ‘quiet’ because I have been recording new video content and ‘making it nice’ to welcome a new wave of learners. If you have been feeling like you are ready, I would love to welcome you to my school.

Soul Compass: Healing and Hearing the Soul and Body Connection: This is the #1 place to go for well-rounded grounding of how to work with the earth, universe, and your soul (the sacred connection trifecta) in dynamic ways: *$50 dollar sale until June 21*. This is a progam designed to be taken over the course of 3 months. Just exactly how long this phase starts. If making a big leap is part of your goal, this is a great option. (Want to take longer than 3 months? This is self-access so you can do just that. Studying with me does not come with a time clock pressure.)

Click here to get started today (sale price active 7 days from this post): Soul Compass: Healing and Hearing Your Soul and Body Connection (

Breathe, Ground, Connect: Not ready to launch into a 3 month program but still want to get high vibe, harmonized, and connected? BGC is a great option. Designed to be learned over the course of a few weeks, this one is all about learning how to get aligned to the crystal frequency and to work with this crystalline core and source energy as part of your everyday management strategy. This one has a lot of applications, and is the basis upon which everything else I teach sits. This is a wonderful place to begin. It is priced at $111 usd to be accessible: Breathe, Ground, Connect: Foundations of Energy Management (

Powerful Connections Pack: Offering BGC and Soul Compass as a ‘bundle’, this special package offers a significant price drop from what it would cost to register for both programs separately. I have done this because the two complement and build upon one another. The method you learn in BGC becomes the basis for clear self-connection and discernment that are hallmarks of Soul Compass. Also ‘on sale’ until solstice, this package is down from $420 to $380 with payment plans available: Powerful Connections Pack (

Super Charge with Solar Energy: This one is a ‘touch base’ quick study for people who were part of my school pre-2020. If you studied with me before, I highly recommend you check this one out to get updates and upgraded. We have covered a lot of ground, since then. Check in here for some skills upgrading ‘for the new paradigm, reminders of the basics of the IndiCrow method, and primers for how to slingshot your development with solar energy. You will also hear information about how the work we did as a community back in those years has come together to create this much more different, new, and free energy paradigm that we are currently grounding in!: Supercharge with Solar Energy (for returning students) (

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For the energy sensitive workout crew: Why Energy Sensitives Feel Tired Post Workout – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

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