In the Flow

This planet is a growing, changing being. We are that, too. Recognizing the interconnection of our lives to the cycles of the planet, and our place in the cosmos is an enriching part of the journey. We experience and build that knowledge through doing, living, and being.

Has building this relationship and or finding success in your life through it been on your list of things ‘to do’? If so, read on. This post is to let everyone know that registration is open now through June 10 on the journey you have been hearing me talk about called, “In the Flow”. This learning experience is all about finding your flow through intentional connection and paying attention.

What is “In the Flow?”

This is a program about how to ground ourselves within the natural rhythm and flow of life here on earth. It teaches participants how to recognize their own sacred connection with this planet and to sync their life journey with the natural ebbs and flows that we experience. Even more important? It shows participants how to find themselves within this flow and work with it to their personal advantage. Working with intention setting, self-discovery questions, a private Katie led ceremony, videos containing thoughtful content, astrological alignments, and your own creativity, this is all about weaving the things we know and love into our life tapestry with skill and mastery.

Is ‘In the Flow’ for beginners? Yes, and no. There are people ranging from beginner to seasoned who have chosen to take the journey. How I teach is unique and so it becomes a level playing field. Not to mention, many of my returning students love coming back because my methods go ever deeper as you let them and are designed like that. (Do not feel intimidated. You do not ‘have class’ or have to relate to them. This is a self-guided journey with pointers, tools, and information provided by yours truly. More on that below.)

What you learn now complements the knowledge you came here with. Most if not all of you have set intentions and had success with goals before. What is unique about this experience is that we are going to focus on the mechanics of the process as we do it. This intentional connection to the steps and layers as we encounter them throughout a cycle of the seasons empowers us to have a more refined experience. The way that I approach this is by giving an overview of the main mechanics at work. This is the ‘theory’ part. I then give some suggestions on the practical follow through and point out key alignment moments that you may like to do them. That is the ‘practice’. Once you see the layers as they interconnect, you will be able to work them ever more powerfully to your benefit in coming seasons.

To those thinking of joining: I am excited to serve as your informational guide through this journey. What I teach you here has guided me through many seasons. I work with the same principles myself. It is through their application in my own life that I get to know myself and this Universe ever better. It is my sincere hope that your engagement in this learning experience will be positive, soul sparking, and enriching.

Does this really work?

Does setting intentions and goals work? Yes. Especially if we put the work into actualizing them. Setting the goal is just one part of the process. Finding opportunities to ground it and being wise and courageous enough to follow them through (or to recognize when they found you) is also integral. This includes taking action in the ‘real world’ as well as working with your metaphysical dimensions such as intention setting and highlighting during key planetary alignments. As you will experience throughout this season with me, we do this as it comes up, bit by bit. This program is designed with content oriented in the goal setting and also the follow through parts of the process. This includes in terms of your emotional and spiritual development, as well as your material world real life circumstances. I point out the themes and the threads, it is up to you to take the actions to get into it.

How to Access

“In the Flow” is available to get started on, now. It is at my online school, IndiCrow Academy and runs until the end of August. The materials are released through my online classroom to you, the participant. You log in and come and them as you feel inspired and as your life allows. No pressure. I have split the material up into five little packages. You get a different one every few weeks. The point of it all is to stimulate your grounded success this season. Registration is $133 usd and payment plans are available. Click here to get “In the Flow” now:

Registration is open until June 10.

Looking forward to hanging out with you this season.

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

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