June 2022 Astrology Report: Cosmic Test Drive

Welcome back to Crow Medicine. In the month of June we get the express pleasure of integrating and test driving Venusian and Marsian based energy through the framework of highlighted Aries. June is a month of integration and figuring out how to bring what we used to experience as ‘opposite’ energies into a more comfortable conversation with one another. This month is about learning to be assertive but not aggressive, healing the Aries archetype, and connecting to grounded Marsian forms of creativity. We are grounding our dreams, our metaphysical worlds are meeting the material realm, and things are happening.

Spectrum wise, we have successfully opened up a higher harmonic Maris in Aries experience. Jupiter, the big integrator planet, will be powering our journey with Mars and gets the highlight spot on Solstice. This, along with the May 24 Mars into Aries and May 28/29 Jupiter and Mars close approach and conjunctions marked the seasonal turnover into our next phase of the journey. This month, July, and August we will be focusing on grounding the ‘masculine’ with the ‘feminine’ and removing the limitations that we have felt in either (or both) forms. The lesson is integration and, as I talk about in this report, that can sometimes feel messy. 

Key words: Boundaries, self-expression, personal safety, grounded experience, getting things done, ‘keep on trucking’ and finding the strength to achieve your goals.

Key alignments that I cover in this report

June 3: Mercury goes direct

June 4: Saturn goes retrograde

June 11: Venus conjunct Uranus

June 21: Solstice with Jupiter, Mars at Perihelion and Sun into Cancer

June 22: Mercury dichotomy, Lunar occultation of Mars, Venus enters Gemini

June 24: Close approach of Moon and Uranus, Lunar occultation of Uranus

June 25: Jupiter square True Node

June 28: Neptune goes retrograde, New Moon in Cancer

The report:

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The higher and harder harmonics are in each moment. It is up to us how we wear, respond to, and react in this energy. As I give in the running example throughout, you can either show up to the boat measuring contest and waste your energy or you can keep it moving and doing the thing that is probably more important that you were doing. We may run into people living in the other archetypes or the harder harmonics. That does not mean we have to ‘meet’ them there.

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Mars, Jupiter and Aries seasonal kick off post with the music meditations I mention in the podcast:

See you later on this month!

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