The Miracle

The Miracle

Is within and all around us.

We are it.

You are a soul in a body. 

Did you ever think about that?

You live on a planet that is sentient in a Universe that loves you.


You can communicate with it.

That tingle, that voice in the wind that tells you to listen to your heart. Well, pay attention there. That is a good start.

When a bird calls, stop and really listen. 

Not just to the sound of the call but also to the way it stirs your soul.

Feel the sun in your hair.

Look up and marvel at the sky.

Watch the clouds and allow your creativity to be inspired. 

(Do you see a heart or are you just imagining things?)

The big secret is that it is already happening. You are here and so is all of this.

So many people call for something outside of them. They want the miracle but they do not see it already exists.

That they too, are a living breathing part of it.

You are the miracle, friend. It is in your heartbeat and your breath. The way your excitement brings a flutter to your chest. Your hopes, your dreams, and your failures too. It is all part of the gift.

Go outside and inside and explore it. It is everywhere that life exists. 

The secret of the miracle is that somehow, some of us forgot it.

It is here now, just as it was then. For it to be registered as spectacular, one must acknowledge it.

It is up to each of us to see it in ourselves, others, as part of our day-to-day life.

Trust me, it is.

For You are an important part of the miracle, friend.

Thank you for being here.

Get out there and enjoy living it.

(Below is an audio version of me reading the poem along with relaxing music.)

To Get in Touch with Your Own Inner Miracle

Do all of the above. If you feel so inclined, come train with me. Everything I design is about flaming that spark of self-connection and building from there. Second bonus? It is all grounded through your loving connection to the Universe and Earth. Purposely doing this work and being inspired by the ideas of someone who lives this each day (like I do) is a great way to flame your own spark.

Breathe, Ground, Connect; Work with connecting to the earth and Universe as part of your energy management and self-connection plan. Learn the harmonization tool upon which we build all the rest. Breathe, Ground, Connect: Foundations of Energy Management (

In the Flow: Registration open now through June 10: A season of you setting goals and working with the planets to achieve them. Personal, family, spiritaul, business. They all count. Getting in the flow is all about finding the rhythm of the solar system and working with it with intent to benefit your life, this season:

Soul Compass: This is the program you come to hear the sound of your soul most directly. This one covers the groundwork of getting to know how the soul works in the body. Intuitive skills development, tools for wound healing and energy management, discernment, and moswt importantly, how to have fun with it: In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment (

Welcoming new (and returning) students to dive in :)!

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

Original poem written by Katie IndiCrow. Copyright Crow Medicine Media 2022. To reprint, do so and just please kindly attribute the poem to me as: “The Miracle”, Katie IndiCrow.” and link them to this post. Thanks!

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