Why I Stopped Doing Events and Sessions (and when I will do them again)

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This is a little note because I can feel the curiosity and souls lining up for people waiting on me to return to doing public events and sessions. Some people have written and asked (thank you) and others I just know are patiently hanging out wondering when the day will come. This is a post explaining what has been going on and when I will be back to public engagement. It also outlines ‘things I used to do’ and ‘things I do now that are like them’ for those of you missing my old events.

For those of you who were my fans pre-late 2020, you will remember that I was always hosting some form of live event, public meditation, or learning session. There was always an interesting talk, a new class, and the opportunity to come and learn a thing or two to help yourself on the journey. These events were fun and my primary source of keeping our community together. As you may have noticed, by late 2020 I had stopped running those events. I also stopped taking sessions. I know that people have missed working with me because you say as much. I miss you too.

Why I stopped doing events and sessions:

The primary reason that I stepped back from all the talks, public events, and the lively public access learning programs that you came to know and love me for is simple. I am a caretaker of the planet. In late 2020 the planet very clearly told me that I was going to be needed in my full capacity. What that meant was that I was going to be focusing my ceremonial capabilities fully on my caretaking duties. I accepted that invitation and spent the entire time since in full focus. I eat, sleep, and breathe this planet (and my husband) to the extent that I have only had one social activity since December 2020.  Has it been lonely? Yes. But it is my duty and I do it, happily. This is me living out my soul purpose and I like it. I have learned, grown, and changed so much. As I come out the other side, I will have some excellent stories. A few years here and there for a caretaker in quiet hanging out with the Universe is a gift, even if it has come with its own challenges. Like sabbatical.

When will I be doing live events and sessions again?

Well. That could be a while. Maybe as long as into 2023. That has a lot to do with the planet not needing me to do all the things in session for it. The planet is changing and it may be a while yet. When I do return, it will be different in that I will be focusing on soul ‘coaching’ and learning support as opposed to carrying the load. In that regard, the biggest change is that I will no longer take soul healing sessions. There will be exceptions to that because there are people out there who truly require my expertise. Henceforth, I will not be accepting clients who are booking me to do things for them that they are capable of learning to fix for themselves. I would rather coach a person through how to fix their energy so that they can help themselves in the future than do a session with them and have a dependency created. Though people are programmed to believe they are weak, I know the truth. That is that people can fix just about anything in their energy system with patience, dedication, and honest effort. Especially with the coaching of someone like me who knows that they are doing. Want to learn how to work with yours today? “Soul Compass” and “Breathe, Ground, Connect” are set up to get you into doing just that. These are extremely high caliber learning programs that I spent, in one case, a year writing and perfecting. These were created in the knowing that people, when given proper instruction, are capable of the inner knowing and state of being they seek outside support for. Step by step, layer by layer, what is in these programs works. Not to mention, they are more cost effective than sessions. It really is a better option to help yourself for the most part.

**When I do return to clients, those people who have come to my school and taken the time to learn how to work with themselves and shown that initiative will receive preference and discounted pricing. ** Please note, I will not be doing the dark walking sessions I was doing for people before. Those days have ended.**

I will also be very happily stepping firmly into ‘energy management’ planning with people. Studying the programs will prepare you for a planning session with me where we put your energy requirements into a workable plan. You may even find that you fix your issue on your own in the process of the learning. A main focale point of the teaching and learning to be done here is around the core belief that feeling good in life is something that is possible for energy aware and energy sensitive people.

Youth will also remain high on my list. As you know, young people are my favourite. I will always be here for them.

Live events: possibly 2023.

*People registered in my school programs are able to communicate with me through the school and the programs. I am still there and doing the thing! It is the only place I am available these days.*

Things I used to do and how to access something similar now  

Meditations: Still doing these through Crow Medicine music journeys as well as my school. Take part by tuning in to my podcast AND by registering for my opportunities like ‘Breathe, Ground, Connect’, ‘Daily Harmonization Practice’ and the others that I create.  

Seasonal activities: Still ongoing at my blog and on my podcast. I also have a new wing of these happening with ‘In the Flow’. Register now!!! https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/in-the-flow

Learning opportunities: Still going at IndiCrow Academy, albeit at a reduced pace. As you know, at my old school I had a course catalogue of 35 programs. As you may have noticed, my school went through a move and a re-design. As part of that, the old programs that had become outdated were left behind. In their place, I am now building up a trade school style progression of learning programs. ‘Soul Compass’ and ‘Breathe, Ground, Connect’ serve as the basis for entry into my method, school, and will be required of students seeking more advanced engagement with me in the fall when I start releasing that programming. Why? They lay out the need to knows about energy and this school. In the old school, I used to spend about a month of every program laying out these pieces with people. Now, as opposed to using that month at the beginning of each course, we just do it at the outset. In later studying, we may then just launch into it. Like the beginning of any vocational school or skills training program.

Focusing on the Planet is a Good Thing

You know, the great thing about times of change and doing things differently is that they give you the opportunity to really evaluate who you are, where you are coming from, and what you would like to do moving forward. For me, in this past year I have really missed talking to people. I will never go back to the Katie that I was in the years prior to 2020. That said, I will be the much more grounded and stable healthy version of myself that I am, now. Stepping back and going into full focus on my family and the planet is the best choice I ever made.

Moving forward, as I reground my engagement and become a person to people again, it is important to me to continue to meaningfully contribute. The major differences you are going to notice this phase is that as opposed to just putting it into a FB community, I am housing my activities in my own school and blog. I am also doing it more like a formal university or learning system with layers of learning that is organized and easy to follow. When I started expressing this part of myself to the public it was as a hobby blog that I was doing on the side as I fully expected to have a career as an anthropologist in formal academia. I was already there. For me, the odd course or the post on fb was just something I was doing for fun. Clearly, it was more than that. Having seen what I have seen in these past years, I figure it is nice to have had the time to step back, evaluate, and do things better. This perspective is part of the reward of saying yes.

Hope to see you for ‘In the Flow’: A seasonal Journey:

Missing my insights and inspiration? Join me for ‘In the Flow’. Today is a great day to sign up: In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment (learnworlds.com).

Breathe, Ground, Connect: Breathe, Ground, Connect: Foundations of Energy Management (learnworlds.com)

Soul Compass: Soul Compass: Healing Your Soul, Hearing Your Body, and Developing Your Intuitive Senses (learnworlds.com).

Daily Harmonization Practice: Daily Harmonization Tool (learnworlds.com)

As the planet changes, I will return to more activities, events, and expanding the class base more rapidly. All as nature takes its course, so too will Crow Medicine.


Katie IndiCrow

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