A Note About the Lunar Eclipse

This is a little note about the Lunar Eclipse paired with a video recorded in ceremony.

This is a little message to remember to breathe, ground, and connect. We have a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio taking place in less than 24 hours. It is our third in a series of seven on the Taurus and Scorpio Axis.

We have just had Uranus conjunction and three months of the most uniquely intense planets + several x flares. This is a wrap up as well as the spark of something new.

A reminder: Planet Earth is here to help us, as is the Universe. Give yourself the space to feel, imagine, create, play, and just be. If you feel like your head might explode one of the best things you can do is get outside and put Earth beneath your hands or feet.

*If your life is exploding, this is an especially good option.*

If you feel up to it, this is also a really good moment to ground plans you had been dreaming up since solstice + our first Eclipse in this series. We move in cycles along with the planet. This is a turnover of experiencing success with what we have been growing.

Wherever you are, a loving reminder that these are special moments in our planetary journey. Take a few with the Earth and feel into it. There is something here for you.

The above affixed video is a moment in ceremony recorded at a beach I found when I followed my heart. Give yourself a listen and see where you take you.

Support Materials

I am in deep ceremony for this one so my words are few. I refer you to our May 2.0 Astrology report for a conversation on the significance of this specific eclipse:

Crow Medicine Media for the list of my podcasts and music journeys. The music in particular is wonderful for moments like this: Crow Medicine Media – Digital Hub for Multi-Media Creations by Katie IndiCrow.

A Special Invitation

Do you like to hear little updates like this with even more specific information on the dynamics of how to put it to work for yourself? Inviting you to join me in the upcoming season for

“In the Flow” A little personal access learning experience I am guiding for this season. Registration is open now through June 10: In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment (learnworlds.com).

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