Celebrating Being Energy Sensitive

A conversation celebrating being energy sensitive.

Feel other peoples’ feelings? Have an interesting time going out in public? Wondering about why you ‘feel so much’ sometimes? Tune in and hear a heart-felt conversation about my own journey as an energy sensitive person and how I have learned to love it.

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This talk originally appeared as a live broadcast on “Wisdom Life Coach Audio”. You are able to access this replay by clicking ‘play’ on this online web player. If you feel so inclined, download the app (see below for some notes on that). *You are able to listen by just pressing ‘play’ when you get to the picture screen.*


Hear how being energy sensitive has helped save my life (and how it may be helpful to you in yours)!

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Ever find yourself longing for a ‘talk radio’ style of environment where you get to tune in at will (no zoom camera), listen to people talk about being people, and ask questions? I actually did. I also found myself missing out on the engaged conversation that I used to experience doing webhosting on ‘youtube’ and ‘facebook’ which I have left for ethical reasons.

As happens when you have a heart desire, the Universe will often line you up with the opportunities you are calling for. Working with Wisdom happened that way! One day, Wisdom- Life Coach Audio contacted me and invited me to come be a life coach on their new app. After checking it out, I was happy to find that it was (is) a breath of fresh air.

To follow me on Wisdom, click: https://joinwisdom.audio/katieindicrow. I will be doing public talks here every now and again. This is one of the ways that you, my community, will be able to speak directly to me! Come tune in and hang out.

*The Apple version is superior to the android version. I have the latter and while still functional, though it is a bit harder to use. You may like to drop in, anyway. If not, you will be able to access my talks as I post them here to this page.*

Great to be back to giving live talks!

*This was my first ‘live’ public talk since 2020!!! It felt GREAT to be back at it.

Click here to read a little bit more about ‘Wisdom’ Life Coach Audio’ and my journey to broadcasting here!

Welcoming Friends and Fans to pose questions and send in suggestions about topics they would like to hear me discuss.

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

Also a reminder that registration is OPEN for ‘In the Flow’: fhttps://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/in-the-flow

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Do you find yourself in this message and feel ready to ‘do something’ about it? I have training that ranges from basic introduction to energy management, to full on learning your own soul communication patterns. Check out what I have currently got available at the school https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/. If you had a question about which would suit you, please email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com. *I am also willing to coach people through developing their skills in safe ways as a private tutor. Please inquire directly about that option.*

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