In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment

Announcing “In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment”

What is It?

Beginning in late May and running through mid-August, this is a personal learning experience that is all about supporting goal setting and personal development through the framework of the cycle of the seasons. How do we do it? By getting into the flow.

This is a self-directed, Katie guided learning experience that is all about supporting goal setting and personal development through the framework of the cycle of the seasons. We begin in late May on the Mars and Jupiter conjunction, work with June Solstice as our point for intention setting,  and we run until the third week of August where you will do goal actualization and follow-through. *When I say guided, I mean there will be structure and direction provided by me. When I say self directed, I mean it is up to each person which materials, when, and how they access.*

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‘In the Flow’ blends many of my personal loves. Astrology, goal setting, working with metaphysical practices like setting ‘intentions’, recognizing the connection between the planets, this Universe and our lives. Is getting to know more about the innerworkings of the Universe and where you fit into it one of your life learning objectives? Participating in something like this is a rich opportunity to do that in that it promotes getting to learn gradually, which is how we truly gain spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric knowledge. It does not happen ‘overnight’. We learn to work and appreciate the process by being conscious that we are part of it. We learn by doing and experiencing. Honest, ongoing engagement is a powerful teacher.

Getting into the Flow

Part of getting into the flow is getting ourselves into a life plan that takes care of ‘us’. Getting all the information together and knowing what is happening when can be difficult for busy people. A major benefit of participating in this little offering is that I will be shouting out some key alignments and signposts through the cycle, offering self-discovery questions, and self-connection questions that stimulate your progression on your objectives through the cycle. The process you go through in this season is one you will be able to build on in those that come after it. The materials you work with here will be useful to you for the rest of your life.

What You Get

We begin with information on preparing for solstice and setting powerful intentions. To ground them, you will receive a guided solstice ceremony led by yours truly. This will be like the one from Equinox but a little more ‘special’ because you are enrolled in a learning experience with me. After that, materials will be drop fed with the intention of promoting goal fulfillment, self-connection, and inspiration through the month. It will not be long articles like this. It will be poignant, pointed, thought provoking material, videos (of me talking about a topic) and suggestions on how to achieve your goals. This includes self-discovery questions, notification of key planetary alignments and guidance on how to work with them as they come up. This, in turn, supports grounded success. *Material is drip fed throughout the season at appropriate moment to stimulate ongoing development. It is up to you which ones you work with and when!*This is about: Bringing intuitive, inner world into the space of action. Grounding metaphysical principles in real-life and seeing their impact as success strategies.


I will be running this as a learning experience through my online school, IndiCrow Academy. There are no ‘live’ classes. This means you do not have to feel nervous about meeting other people, will not feel ‘put on the spot’ to express yourself in classroom scenarios, and do not have to worry about ‘missing’ anything.

  • – Your personal access to this course will be set up through a student profile that you can log into and out of at your leisure.
    – Materials are loaded into my online school. You will be able to access them at your own pace. They will be exactly what you have come to know and love me for creating.
  • – You will have access to all materials for the duration of the course.
  • – At its conclusion, you will get a download package of all written content that you can keep for your records. What you learn here is the type of thing you can keep building on season after season.


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As with ALL of my course materials, what you learn in one layers into what we do in another. In this case, the activity several of you who have registered for the harmonization practice serves as the primer and warm-up for ‘In the Flow’. As such, you get a ‘discount’ at the checkout. Go to your student folder for Harmonization. Your code is there as the final activity! 

Big Love,

Katie IndiCrow

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