May 2022 Astrology Report: Life 2.0

The theme of this month is Living 2.0.  This month into June (and through the whole next season), we are all about moving into action. This is a graduation moment for the planet as well as for us. The veil on human excellence is shifting. The notion that we have the ability to shape our lives more powerfully, as well as actually enjoy them, is coming to center stage. Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and the planetary alignments of this month are all about seeing your true spark. (In fact, we get an entire phase of this.) Already know you are great? Good news. There is potential for this to start paying off in new and different ways. Are you ready?

This is an optimistic moment and it leads to more of them. We do have to be strong enough to switch from defense to offense and to adjust into a new flow where things work, people are appreciative, and we feel healthy in our bodies while we live here. I genuinely feel excited about May as well as Solstice and the season shaping up through. This is a respite. This is a reward. This is something different. This is new. This is good.

Key words: Higher harmonics: intuitive development, clear self-connection, focused inspiration, creativity, meeting objectives, beneficial interactions, finding solutions, completing long-term projects, renewed vision, adventure, personal excellence, body love, physical expression.

Harder harmonics: disbelief in self, lack of awareness of the impact of ones’ actions, feeling like there is ‘no time’, finding limits, tough choices that have been long avoided, limits and limitations, anger and volatile expression, spiritual manipulation, and what happens when we do not hold ourselves (and others) accountable.

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Read below for a detailed May 2022 Astrology report that offers key dates, a special announcement, and more detail on each of these points.

Astrology of May 2022: Life 2.0 Written Report

I have been excitedly looking to this month and the alignments we are currently experiencing (the ones I am holding space on) for a very long time. They represent a new phase of life. The majority of this report celebrates that. Like this theme? Good news. We will be in an ‘up’ phase of action for the next few months.

Big Picture: This is a graduation moment for the planet as well as for us. The veil on human excellence is shifting. That means that we have to learn to see ourselves and our potential for who and what we truly are. Some people strongly resist that. Why? Because visibility comes with a level of personal responsibility and accountability that people may be skirting around taking on board. Surprisingly, I have observed this trend most often in people who have strong potential just hiding beneath the surface. Many times, I have seen a powerful soul too afraid of their own excellence to do that very thing their inner drive is shouting at them to do.  ‘Playing small’ and hiding our greatness is something that a lot of people do. Overall, that has a huge cost for all of us. This month and into our next cycle, many people will find the inspiration to overthrow their shackles of inaction. They will find the strength and courage to be, experience, and express themselves in this world in new and different ways.

Cycle of seasons wise: We are moving into the natural check point that comes between Equinox and Solstice. For those who do intentions and celebrate the seasons: This is a bit of a wrap up at the first of the month. By the time we wind our way through the end we will be seeing the fruits of our labour. Action is going to feel good for us. There will be answers to the questions. There will be clarity in the conjunctions. Why? Because that is how this works. Ask a question and the answer does come through the Universe. In this case, the planetary alignments and circumstances we meet through them are part of the how and why. It is up to each of us to be wise enough to see the answers and to capitalize on the opportunities when they come.

Key Astrological Alignments

Be sure to tune in to the voice podcast when I deliver it. I have gathered so many neat little tidbits of information on these alignments I am excited to talk about.

April 30: Partial solar eclipse, Jupiter and Venus conjunction (very close) and an x flare.

May 2: Venus enters Aries

May 3: Jupiter sextile Pluto


May 10: Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter enters Aries

May 11: Jupiter semi square Uranus

May 15: Venus aphelion with Venus in Pisces and the Sun in Taurus

May 16: Total Lunar Eclipse

***May 17: Mars and Neptune Conjunction as well as Saturn Sun Square Neptune ***

May 20: Sun moves into Gemini

May 21: Mercury Inferior Solar Conjunction

May 22: Close approach and conjunction of Moon and Saturn

*May 24: Conjunction and close approach of moon and Mars, Conjunction and Close approach of Moon and Jupiter, Mars enters Aries

May 26: Conjunction Moon and Venus, Lunar Occultation of Venus

*May 28: Conjunction of Jupiter and Mars*, Venus enters Taurus

*May 29: Close approach of Jupiter and Mars*

May 30: Mew Moon

May 31: Saturn Sextile Neptune

Higher harmonics

There are always lessons with the planets. These do not always come in ‘harsh’ form. Fulfillment through doing and self-discovery through curiosity are a big theme of higher harmonic Mars. Go do the thing your heart is shouting about that perhaps you have been ‘resisting’. Not trying something with our full heart or never even trying is a sure route to failure. Often, the higher harmonics lesson begins in giving yourself the opportunity to see that yes, you actually can do that thing you were fighting yourself on doing. Taking steps (with the help of Mars and Saturn) will help power you in your goals and to build confidence.   This could be anything from incorporating exercise into your routine, to pitching an idea for a project, to going on an adventurous hike to a place you feel inspired by. Getting into a new harmonic means doing new things as well as doing more of the things that work well for us. Remember that! *Life bonus? It usually ‘feels good’ when we are doing these things. This really helps with the enjoyment part.*

A highlight here is that there will also be a strong urge to evaluate where one is placing ‘time’, ‘interest’, and ‘emotion’. Some people may have been feeling pressed or unfulfilled in the last few years. Perhaps even having lost touch with themselves in the never ending flow of work and caring activities. Life organization and life re-organization are going to come up and this is wonderful. Let the planets show us where things are working great and not so great. The ball is then in our hands.

Creatives: this is a fun one. Uranus is a sparkler. Enjoy expressing the form. Building muscle, working with the physical experience of getting to know how a body works in new and different detail counts as part of that. Energy bodies and physical bodies are intricately interconnected. Mars is a physical orientation planet, as is Jupiter. Interested in hearing more on that? This is going to be a highlight of June. Come back for that report.

Harder Harmonics

 If there are imbalances, we will see them. I get the sense one will just keep getting the exact same situation over and over again until they reckon with it. This is not a punishment. This is the Universe showing the limits of your reality. If you a running into a wall, it is because you requested it. Somewhere, you set the intention or asked for change. The planets help to deliver those messages. My best recommendation is to appreciate what we see in these cycles. Even if it is ugly.

Those who are abusive, manipulative, selfish, dangerous, and dishonest will get the chance to see themselves and the impact of their actions very clearly in these coming months. As will those around them. Sometimes, that visibility point is the inspiration to remedy that condition. After all, it is hard to fix something we are not conscious of or were not quite aware of its true impact on those around us. That visibility is a key part of us becoming better people. Unfortunately, not all people like to take accountability for themselves and their actions after they realize what they are doing. Some skirt the opportunities to learn the lessons, resort to repeat behaviours, deflect and defer, or otherwise blow off the process. It is hard to see that in someone we love (or ourselves) but it is what it is. It will be up to each person to decide how long they will continue being exposed to harmful behaviours in the home, at the workplace, in social groups, and anywhere they may be active.

I know how hard it can be when we are not ready to see limitations and they butt us in the head. Though I view visibility as a ‘good’ thing, I also know how it feels when things come out of left field. If it feels like something is ‘popping up’ as it often does around Neptune, in particular, it is very likely that your soul believes you need to see what you are seeing in order for you to move on. If you have been hesitating, do not be surprised if you come into a situation where you see the cost of that action.

                From Harder to Higher

The ‘big secret’ to changing things from a harder harmonic to a higher harmonic experience is to stop fighting the lessons. For example, I listed feeling pushed for time as a higher harmonic experience. Make it that way by recognizing ‘not having time’ to do basic things like self-care is a representation of your own veil and thus, shift it. Make it harder harmonic by choosing to continue living ‘with no time’, becoming increasingly worn down until you potentially reach a point of personal breakdown or exhaustion. We know it happens. It is up to us to stop ourselves before we get to that point. The planets and the cycle of the seasons and the natural moments for self-reflection and personal connection they provide help us achieve that.

I made a little something to help with personal success and experiencing the higher harmonic each day….

Would you like a little something to help support getting to the higher harmonic of each day? I present you ‘Daily Harmonization: Experiencing Personal Excellence’. This is a 5 minute music-video-meditation practice that you are able to work with In the am to get ready for go time (whatever your version is). Goal setting component built in. Click here to access: Daily Harmonization Practice – Crow Medicine: (

Pictures of the ‘Gender Gap’ Game referenced in the podcast

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Announcing a Special Opportunity:

Preparing for Next Season

We are making the natural turn of the seasons. As you can tell, I love talking about this topic and offering insight through it. Today, I excitedly announce that I will be hosting a unique seasonal journey. Come join me for a season of discovery by registering for: In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment. (Running May 29-Late August with registration and a ‘pre activity’ live now. Registration closes on June 10, 2022.) **Payment plans available at the checkout.*

This is a guided learning experience that is all about supporting goal setting and personal development through the framework of the cycle of the seasons. We begin in late May on the Mars and Jupiter conjunction, work with June Solstice as our point for intention setting,  and we run until the third week of August where you will do goal actualization and follow-through.

Taking place online: Happening online at IndiCrow Academy, there are no set ‘class times’. Rather. I lay out the material in your student folder for you to get to at your leisure.

What you get: We begin with information on preparing for solstice and setting powerful intentions. To ground them, you will receive a guided solstice ceremony led by yours truly. This will be like the one from Equinox but a little more ‘special’ because you are enrolled in a learning experience with me. After that, materials will be drop fed with the intention of promoting goal fulfillment, self-connection, and inspiration through the month. It will not be long articles like this. It will be poignant, pointed, thought provoking material, videos (of me talking about a topic) and suggestions on how to achieve your goals. This includes self-discovery questions, notification of key planetary alignments and guidance on how to work with them as they come up. This, in turn, supports grounded success. *Material is drip fed throughout the season at appropriate moment to stimulate ongoing development. It is up to you which ones you work with and when!*This is about: Bringing intuitive, inner world into the space of action. Grounding metaphysical principles in real-life and seeing their impact as success strategies.

Do you like the tone of my videos and podcasts? You will be receiving the same type of content, curated specifically for this season!

Register and Read More Here :

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*Anyone wishing to get a head start can register now and receive the bonus gift of the ‘daily harmonization practice’. It is right there in your student folder. The rest of the material comes out the fourth week of May. Registration closes June 10, 2022.*

I will be back with the audio version of this report, soon!

Happy May.


Katie IndiCrow

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