For Those Who Set Intentions

Did you participate in the Equinox practice that I released through this page? Perhaps you did your own? If the answer is yes, this message is for you.

We have made it to an apex type of a moment not only in the Universe, but also in our cycles. For example, yesterday was a Neptune and Venus conjunction at 0° 00’ in Aquarius. (Put that in your ceremony and exalt it.) As I outline in the podcasts and articles below, about two weeks ago through mid-May is unique in that we have all of our planets lining up along with some unique conjunctions and cycle points. This, for some, is going to be once in a lifetime. It is that kind of potential. 

What that means for us as intention setters and astrology lovers is: this is a power point. As I say in this quicky podcast, now is an ideal window to return to your intentions and to evaluate, revisit, celebrate, and adjust. This is how we work with the flow of the planets. Listen in for some suggestions on how to do just that. Bonus? Hear some encouragement to see through any rough moments you may have experienced. 

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