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As we wind our way to Monday, we prepare to start another week. This one is special. Why, you ask? Because we are kicking off yet another ‘big one’ of astrological alignments.

If you have happened to ‘look up’, you will notice that Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are very close in the sky. They just so happen to also be lining up with our friends Neptune and Uranus. As we know Katie IndiCrow planet math style, this is a key moment in our harmonization. Not only for ourselves, but also, for our Universe. This is major. We even have an ECLIPSE this week.

A video summarizing some key highlights and intentions to capitalize with them

Earlier this month, I released a video fundraiser for this page containing all the key highlights and some of those from earlier this month. Yikes, it for some reason did not post properly. So, reposting here, this time with a version that works.

Would you like a copy of the dates and intentions written out to work with? I put them together in a little download file that you can purchase for $5. Best part? That little package is a page fundraiser. It helps me cover operations costs. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/crowmedicine/e/66773

Want to get the most out of it?

This is one of those periods where the value of self-care, being prepared, focused and staying in our creativity is going to serve us well. I recorded a powerful little practice that you are able to work with on the daily. It has inspirational music (none of my crazy stuff) and powerful imagery fused together with a reliable self-connect method you can work with to get into ‘go’ space each day. It is cheap, cheerful, and fills the ‘does not take a lot of time’ component that so many people report being important to them. Here it is. Now, give it a go:

See You For our Astrology Report and on Wisdom

I will be quiet for most of this week, as it is my responsibility to remain in ceremony. This next few days into the end of the first week of May are BIG DEAL days in my world. I have been excitedly looking toward these alignments. It will be fun to see what comes of them.

See you at the end of the month for my astrology report!

And those of you who choose to come study with me, ‘see’ you in at the Academy.



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