Talk Radio, Anyone?

Anyone else out there find themselves nostalgic for the talk radio experience? Do you think it would be fun to tune into a little radio style show here and there ‘real time’ with me where you could chime in or ask a question? Do you miss the atmosphere of community we used to experience during the open calls I ran pre 2021 and wish I would do them again?

If you answered yes to any of the above. This post contains some good news. Read on.

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Announcing: I have been invited to participate in a cutting edge, no strings attached talk radio style platform called the ‘Wisdom: Life Coach and Self-Help App’ (Wisdom App) as a top mentor! In this role, I will be hosting my own little chat-radio. The topic? Everyday energy, spirituality for the 21st century, and living life on the mindful path. Because it is me, that will definitely feature astrology and the path of the planets. In short: everyday energy and how to fit wellness, self-care and soul connection into our lives. I have been writing down ideas of fun things to talk about for the past year. Inviting you to join me now by registering ‘for free’ and following my profile @katieindicrow. I will be doing my first show within the next few days. (Did I mention this platform hosts replays? You can tune in as available, busy people.)

What is Wisdom: Life-Coach and Self Help App?

Widsom is a no-frills, easy to operate app that is available *free of charge* for Android and Apple users. To get your own copy, visit your ‘play store’ or ‘download center’ and search the term ‘Wisdom: Life-Coach and Self Help. Download the app. Create your user-name. Start listening! When you get into the app, follow me @katieindicrow. You will get a ‘ding’ when I go live. (I will also pre-announce some shows and topics so you know they are coming.)

Why Wisdom?

Wisdom stands out to me amongst others that are like it on the market because of the tone and quality of the interactions I am able to have and host there. The talk radio, call in thing is something that is picking up steam. Over the past year or so, I have been doing research on the various platforms including those hosted by ‘bigger name’ companies. This included registering, feeling the ‘tone’ and vibration of the space, and assessing the quality of experience I have as a user when I go there. I evaluate whether I will be part of something from from an energetic perspective first and foremost. Wisdom remains clear. It does not feel like a wall when you log into it. When I do log in, I hear mature and well thought out conversations. For me as a creator and a user, those are the two main determining factors of whether I will participate or not. Of what is available, Wisdom is the absolute best I have found.

I also really like that Wisdom makes it easy for you, the listener, to pop on and chime in or ask a question. There is so much to gain from getting to hear about others’ life experience. This is invaluable to all of us.

*Not to mention, we get to go online together without the pressure of a video call. Yes.*

Any Topics You Would Like My Take On?

One of the things I am MOST excited about is the opportunity to talk to people again. To share my own interests but also, to hear what is driving your curiousity. Is there any burning energy question you have been wanting my take on? A theme playing out in your office? Something you are seeing in the world? Why you feel that tingle sometimes? These are all things we can chat about. If you have any topic suggestions, please pop me an email to, whip me one through instagram @crowmedicinekatie OR even better. Pop in and ask me LIVE! The app lets that happen with such ease.

See you at Wisdom: Life Coach and Self-Help Click this link to follow me: If you already have the app, this will bring you to my profile.


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