Daily Harmonization Practice

I am happily announcing a brand new addition to IndiCrow Academy. A dual meditation and harmonization practice in audio visual format that you can work with each day to get yourself ready for ‘go’. Designed with ‘life’ in mind, it was designed to be HIGH IMPACT and easy to fit in at just 5 minutes. Kept simple, cheap and cheerful in response to requests to do so from you, my community.

I present: Daily Harmonization Practice

What is it?

A mixed media, mixed methods meditation like practice that you can work with to set your energy for the day. It fuses music, moving imagery, your personal goals and intentions, and the tenants of ‘harmonics’ energy practice to set your tone for the day.

Use this to:

To bring metaphysical principles of energy alignment into your daily life in a way that benefits you specifically.

Get yourself into a good head and heart space for the day.

To focus on your goals and objectives.

Easy to *fit in* to your schedule: 

This daily harmonization practice is designed with ‘life’ in mind. Being such, it was designed to be HIGH IMPACT while also being just under 5 minutes. *This is easy to fit in.* It includes guidance on how to work with the state you create to have even more in-depth impacts.

This is great for:

People who are ready to get the most out of their days.

People who would like to bring focus into their lives.

Those with ‘little time’ (which according to the community survey is a lot of you – this fills your gap).

Those seeking a way to ‘boost’ their motivation.

People who enjoy music and video accompaniment to their practices. (Not a music fan? Just press mute. All instructions are delivered onscreen.)

This is not one that is alignment sensitive, so you can work with it for years to come.


$11 USD plus tax. That means at checkout you will meet the total $12 usd. To access, you may head on over to my school and get your copy right now: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/daily-harmonization-tool.

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