A Jesus Astrology Special: Podcast Edition

This is one for the people who believe in Jesus, those who are curious about astrological alignments of significant world figures, and those who would like to hear some good news. This is a Jesus Astrology Special.

This is one for the people who believe in Jesus, those who are curious about astrological alignments of significant world figures, and those who would like to hear some good news.

Short Summary: We are experiencing a very similar set of planetary alignments to what was going on planet wise at the time of Jesus birth is happening now, as we are symbolically lining up with Easter. This is happening within the context of our major planetary epoch shift that we have been celebrating and discussing on my podcast.  As I discuss in this Crow Medicine Astrology special and the detailed article that supports it, the teachings and cosmic spark that is Jesus and current planetary alignments are indeed coming together to create a that path to inner freedom and love that this is significant for all of us. Believers (or not).***

While there is much celebration in this, there is also pain. Situating this discussion in the astrology of our recent years, we briefly move through the planetary alignments of 2021 into our current moment. Just as they have been prompting us to ask the ‘big picture’ questions about abuse, exploitation, and wrongdoing, so too are we seeing that very powerfully in Christianity. The wrongs done in the name of Prince of Peace Jesus are being exposed. The process of reconciliation is ongoing. A recent apology by the Pope to representatives from Assembly of First Nations is a poignant example of these changes being lived right in front of us. *It is happening.*

What all of this means, in my opinion, is that the true spark of the teachings of Jesus and all that this powerful teacher represented are brought back into their more-pure form. This is good for everybody, no matter what your background. Join me for a conversation about the astrology of the birth and death of Jesus, a special shout out to my favourite Gospel (Nicodemus), and to hear about the path through ‘hell’ that I think our current planetary alignments represent.

*The issues I raise in this written article and the podcast that will follow it are complex. The podcast and article do not cover all of them. This is an earnest conversation shared for those whose hearts may also be sparked by the topic as much as mine is. *

Crow Medicine: Jesus Astrology Special: https://anchor.fm/katie-indicrow/embed/episodes/A-Jesus-Astrology-Special-Celebrating-the-Path-of-a-Great-Teacher-e1hb04h

Crow Medicine Jesus Astrology Special on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5tC4VWSqdrX0XkBbhBt2Yz?si=bd6df745f27c455d

Crow Medicine Jesus Astrology Special on Itunes: It will be available on this page when published https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/crow-medicine-spirituality-for-the-21st-century/id1561079905

Join in for a deep dive podcast celebrating the life and lessons of a great teacher and recognizing a powerful planetary set of alignments that we are having right now that coincides with their existence.

Click the link below for the full-length written article containing all specific calculations and references discussed in the podcast:


Katie IndiCrow


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