A Jesus Astrology Special: The Life and Lessons of a Great Teacher

This is one for the people who believe in Jesus, those who are curious about astrological alignments of significant world figures, and those who would like to hear some good news. This is a Jesus Astrology Special. Join in for a deep read on celebrating the life and lessons of a great teacher and recognizing a powerful planetary set of alignments that we are having right now that coincides with their existence.

****We are experiencing a very similar set of planetary alignments to what was going on planet wise at the time of Jesus birth is happening now, as we are symbolically lining up with Easter. This is happening within the context of our major planetary epoch shift that we have been celebrating and discussing on my podcast.  As I discuss in this article and the podcast that I will release about it tomorrow, the teachings and cosmic spark that is Jesus and current planetary alignments are indeed coming together to create a that path to inner freedom and love that this is signifcant for all of us. Believers (or not).***

While there is much celebration in this, there is also pain. Situating this discussion in the astrology of our recent years, we briefly move through the planetary alignments of 2021 into our current moment. Just as they have been prompting us to ask the ‘big picture’ questions about abuse, exploitation, and wrongdoing, so too are we seeing that very powerfully in Christianity. The wrongs done in the name of Prince of Peace Jesus are being exposed. The process of reconciliation is ongoing. A recent apology by the Pope to representatives from Assembly of First Nations is a poignant example of these changes being lived right in front of us. *It is happening.*

What all of this means, in my opinion, is that the true spark of the teachings of Jesus and all that this powerful teacher represented are brought back into their more-pure form. This is good for everybody, no matter what your background. Join me for a conversation about the astrology of the birth and death of Jesus, a special shout out to my favourite Gospel (Nicodemus), and to hear about the path through ‘hell’ that I think our current planetary alignments represent.

*The issues I raise in this written article and the podcast that will follow it are complex. The podcast and article do not cover all of them. This is an earnest conversation shared for those whose hearts may also be sparked by the topic as much as mine is. If you would like to hear more on this topic, let me know. This is something that is dear.*

The Astrology of the Birth and Life of Jesus

As part of my caretaking and ‘fun’ activities for this season, I have been brought (once again) to a favourite teacher. Jesus. It was through my musings on the teachings that I came to this special set of planetary calculations that made me VERY excited. These are the reason for my writing and podcasting today.

To truly understand the significance of Jesus as a teacher, we must have a base understanding of what was going on historically. Back when Jesus came on the scene, things were crazy. If we are to believe the Bible stories, people were routinely being influenced by demons. There were great beasts still roaming the planet. Things were dangerous. From what I understand through the speaking of astrology, research and reading classical texts, parts of life on the planet were….murdery. Worship of a God often involved human sacrifice. I know that topic is hard for people, so I will leave it at saying that to properly ‘venerate’ a god and to earn their favour, back in these days giving a life was seen as an adequate tribute. Said honestly. Nothing based in this Universe naturally requires you to kill something in order to earn favour. This energy, in some religious circles, came to be known as ‘the demon’ or ‘the beast’. (We, as caretakers, have spent many years cleaning up that mess. Tasks ongoing.)

Jesus as a teacher, represented a path through and out of this. Not only in the teachings that involved *no killing*, but also in terms of a way to find ones’ own personal connection to divinity. Jesus was the embodiment of what we all have inside of us. As a teacher, he was showing the way of life, conduct, vibration, communion with the source of God. Or as I like to call it, Source. However you describe him, many of us agree that he had (has) a message that was (is)inspirational for much of humanity.

****We are currently moving through a line-up of planetary configurations that are extremely similar to those which were occurring at the time of the birth of Jesus. Interestingly, we are experiencing them on a year with a very ‘late’ Easter, which puts us venerating this terrible lesson right in the middle of the playout of the calculations. This is happening as we turn ever further into the Age of Aquarius, in the window of the sparking of the Uranus conjunction parade, just as we have a Saturn and Jupiter conjunction (both in Pisces). Energy wise, what this means is that we are experiencing the ‘birth’ energy of Christ planetary potential wise symbolically lining up with Easter at the turn of an epoch. This is showing up in planets as well as in the caretaking tasks we are completing.****

This is exciting. I will spend the rest of this article explaining why.

Calculations Relating Our Current Moment to the Life of Christ

Before launching into this, I want to be clear in saying I have a strong understanding of the difficulties associated with charting for people whose birth and death dates and times are not precisely known. I am also aware of the variability that comes with flexibility of earth axial alignment. As such, these configurations are approximations.  

According to many iterations of Christianity, Jesus was born around Christmas. Some people say December 21, others say December 25 7 BCE. Others still date it further into February 6BCE. For the purpose of this report, we are not going to be looking specifically at birth chart. Rather, in line with the tuning and toning format my version of astrology communicates, we are going to look at planetary conjunctions that were occurring around his birth. These are indications of the ‘spark’ or ‘birth’ of Jesus potential. *In this case, I argue that if Jesus were born in December or February, the uniqueness of the alignments and their influence discussed herein would still be at play.

Calculation wise, for this article I drew upon the work of professor called Nick Strobel who mapped out astronomical happenings around the birth of Jesus. In the Strobel calculation, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars conjunctions were at play. In his words,

“There were two astronomical events involving conjunctions of planets around the time of Jesus’ birth—the triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces in 7 B.C.E. and the near-conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in Pisces in February 6 B.C.E. (see the illustrations below)….Adding to the significance was that the triple conjunction in Pisces happens about once every 900 years.

The close grouping of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn to within 8 degrees of each   other in Pisces occurs only once every 800 years…..Though Jupiter and    Saturn never got close enough together to be confused as a single   object, the word “star” had a different meaning to the wise men than   it does for us today and their definition could have included a     planetary conjunction.”

(Strobel, 2011: Accessed online.)

Whether these were what were recognized as the Star of Bethlehem or not is interesting yet not crucial to this conversation. The conjunctions are the true source of interest.

  1. We just had a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which we called the ‘Great Conjunction’ on December 21, 2020. This marked a significant deep dive for humanity in which we had their soul spark, that inner light of the Universe (that I feel Jesus represented) re-ignited. For some people this felt like a jolt. For others, a homecoming. For the following year, we moved through some very difficult alignments with Saturn Square Uranus. Saturn, the teacher, and Uranus, the soul spark, led us through a powerful and sometimes painful season of soul growth, self-discovery, and societal transformation. Seeing where we limit ourselves is crucial to being able to recognize our own inner soul spark and to fan it brightly. (Key highlights on that line were February 17, June 14 and December 23 all 2021. I return to this significance in the next topic heading.)
  2. We also just had a conjunction of Saturn and Mars on April 4, 2022. At this current moment (Easter) the three are closely grouped, traveling through the sky together. From the way that I connect to their energy potential and based on how they are communicating to me, I intuitively feel it is extremely similar signature wise to the potential of around the time of Jesus’ birth. (I have second and third layer evidence on this one that I have to keep concealed for now to maintain the safety of this project. I will come back to this article and fill in the details once the project has concluded.)
  3. Right now, at the time I am making this proclamation and feel so excited about this energy, it is Easter. Easter, as we know, is associated with the betrayal, death, and resurrection of Jesus. My favourite lesson of this season comes from the Gospel of Nicodemus in which the journey of Jesus into hell is documented. While there, he destroys the beast and sets the world free. In this sense, metaphorically and metaphysically a ‘path out of hell’ is represented.
  4.  As you know from my other podcasts, in the big picture of our planetary alignments we are doing a ‘prison break’. This topic most certainly fits into that theme.  Saturn Square Uranus, the Neptune conjunctions, and the movement into new cycles of Jupiter and Uranus are showing us where those pockets might be. As we naturally weave our way through this process, we find ourselves at Easter with JUPITER and NEPTUNE as well as SATURN and MARS conjunctions happening within a few weeks window of this date.
  5. We just had a x flare on April 17, 2022 (which is the day celebrated as symbolic of the resurrection of Christ this year, Easter Sunday). You know that I view these as cosmic check points. This is further encouragement.
  6. In the early years of the life of Jesus, there was a Venus and Jupiter conjunction that occurred very close. Though I will not delve too far into it in this podcast and article, we have another coming up in Pisces on April 30 which is also a partial eclipse. I think this is a powerful ‘next steps’ sparker after we get through the rest of the dredge that these last few months has been.

From an astrological and healing the template perspective, I take notice of this powerful moment. Whether you view these teachings and occurrences as symbolic or literal, we have the alignments and celebration of Jesus exploding from hell and resurrection happening simultaneous to what happened when one of the most powerful teachers of all time was born. All, interestingly, happening as we transition into Aquarius in the first few months of our Venus and Pluto node switch. (Listen in for the podcast that I will release tomorrow to hear more of my interpretations.)

Whether you believe in Jesus and the Bible (or not) one may admit that the meaning behind all of this is rich. From another perspective, hell is a state of energy and being and not a physical place that is somewhere beneath the Earth. It is a set of conditions, thoughts, ideas, and experiences that we find ourselves enmeshed in. The path to peace or freedom (or out of hell if you will) is marked by finding those limitations and shifting our circumstances. We raise our vibration, we shift our harmonic and in the matter of our course of action, one may go from a life that feels highly oppressive and or miserable to one that is inspiring and feels safe to live. (This is what my teachings are often about.) The planets represent part of our path through this! As an astrologer and a Jesus believer, I found this to be so exciting I took the last three days to write this article and record a podcast about it. Podcast is in production. Come back for it!

April 17, 2022: Easter Sunday Solar Flare. Image sourced via screenshot from http://www.spaceweather.com.

Visibility of the Ugly Parts is a Good Thing: Healing the Big Picture

*Trigger warning*I speak about colonialism and assault in this section. This is part of the big picture visibility occurring, thanks to these same planets. Though not as fun or inspiring a topic heading, to not include a section on this would be a glaring omission I am not willing to make.*

As a child growing up in a small Roman Catholic Parish, I feel like I got to experience the ‘best’ parts of what it was to participate in this religion. I feel grateful for Father Garth, who was the #1 most influential spiritual figure in my life. We got to play in the Church as kids. I went to youth group and experienced confirmation. To me, the church was a friendly place.  As an adult I further nurture this relationship on regular pilgrimage to the ancient sites of the Magdalene. These have been interesting occurrences.

This is not the case for so many. Very unfortunately, terrible crimes against the land and people have been done in the name of Christ and spreading of what came to be written as his message. These have become highlighted during the Uranus Square Saturn journey of last year and have picked up mainstream steam since the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. I feel this is significant because this is another of the great sources of wounding that was placed on the teachings. Jesus the teacher never advocated the horrors that came to be regularly done in his name. These were things that people, many seeking power, decided to do USING their interpretation of words as s a ‘justification’ for their own means. This includes colonialism and genocide. It also includes the massive number of sexual assaults, physical assaults, murders and brainwashing that regular everyday people in the faiths experienced at the hands of the people who were supposed to be our gatekeepers for it.

Rendering the wrongs visible is an important part of the disclosure, education, and reconciliation process. It also helps all souls involved move forward. From a spiritual perspective, that is a main goal.

There are many examples of these wrongdoings that have come forward. I bring forward three here to demonstrate my point.

  1. The first, is the First Nations children and people who were subjected to abuse in residential schools and the practice of removing children from their homes for forced assimilation activities.  Though first really brought to the table with the formation of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee and later in the formation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. This issue of systemic abuse and unethical treatment gained specific traction in May 2021 (in between the first and second Saturn Square Uranus) with the discovery of the first of what would become 1300 + unmarked graves around the grounds of residential schools.
  2.  Assembly of First Nations sent a delegation of 13 people to the Vatican March 28 – April 1, 2022. These delegates were members from each province and territory. Some had even experienced residential schooling themselves. While at the Vatican, the delegates received an apology issued by the Pope to First Nations people in Canada for the role the church played in colonialism and residential schooling. This is significant. For more context on what the Pope was apologizing for, I recommend the full text of the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. (See reference section for access to the full text.)
  3. Mass reporting of abuse of people of all ages being done to innocents at the hands of clergy. Here in USA, France, and in Germany independent commissions and reports just keep turning the stuff up. Finally.

These are complex issues. Things like being taken from your family land, separated from Earth and culture, or repeatedly assaulted at the hands of an adult you are supposed to be able to trust (or who has power over you) is something that is not easily dealt with. Not only did these actions destroy many lives they also weighted down the power of the teachings of Jesus on an energetic level.  These things coming up to be honestly dealt with and not swept under the rug is invaluable not only for the people who personally experienced this abuse, but also for the spiritual message and the spark a whole. There will be more of this. This does not mean that believing in Jesus is a bad thing. It means we are dealing with the losers and power-hungry people who abused not only his word, but also the hearts of believers (and those they tried to force into belief). This is a very good thing.

The Power and the Spark of the Teachings

So, where do we go from here?

It has felt like we have been going through a punishing few years because, as noted in every single astrology podcast, we are in significant period of changeover. We are healing the wounds of the past. People who are familiar with the Bible and various forms of Christian teachings may have even found themselves working through tropes like ‘apocalypse’, the ‘rapture’ or becoming acutely aware of the metaphysical realm and how it all relates. All part of the transition, healing, and reckoning process friends. Take heart, becuase we are moving into better days. That is the point of this whole article.

This ‘Easter’ (or moment in the cycle of planetary alignments) brings forward the opportunity to think about one of the greatest teachers and some of the big lessons they offered us. Albeit, perhaps in a bit of a new light.

We are not here to suffer. This is something that I firmly believe. We are not a damned group of people because all of this happened. Jesus died because a majority of a group of people who were fortunate enough to be graced with his presence were too weak, greedy, easily bought off, or otherwise unwilling to speak the truth of the miracle when it came to saving his life. When they had their moment, they let themselves and Jesus down. They let all of us down. But they are not everyone and they are not ‘we’ and that is not something that humanity has to pay for the rest of our existence. I view this right now moment as a moment where we have the potential to make an extremely positive impression on the harmonic journey for this next cycle of Uranus. I believe that we are having these powerful alignments in part to help us bring forth celebration and self-connection. Hey. Maybe even right this moment those souls who did the wrong thing at that moment are working to HEAL THAT right now. That would be profound. It is entirely possible.

A big part of how we fix that is by not repeating those very patterns in our own lives.

For my own part, as a believer and as a teacher who learns a lot about teaching from Jesus, I think a lot about what it would have felt like to be him. Standing in front of people who knew exactly what he was and why he had come here. Who let him die because of their own fear or because they allowed themselves to be bribed and bought off to be quiet about the miracles they had seen. This happened in the halls during questioning.  From my perspective, that is a MAJOR core wound. In my own way, I do my best to contribute to healing that by having the courage to stand up for what is right and to tell the hard truths in my own life. No matter what cost I imagine that to have to myself. That is just one of the many lessons and paths of inspiration I personally employ from the life of Jesus. How we are inspired and the way we creatively engage with a teacher and their lessons is one of the great joys of finding and being on a spiritual path. I encourage you to think about your own.

            Recognizing there is a Path Struck Forward

When Jesus left this earth, he had already exploded hell and created a path out of those conditions for us. That perhaps got obstructed in the last epoch by the craziness that was done within and in the name of his message. Metaphorically or literally, however you choose to look at it, ‘hell’ is something that may of us have experienced. Many people, myself included, believe that we have the conditions for what gets called ‘heaven and hell’ on earth, inside of ourselves, simultaneously. We experience the reality that is our choosing. Taken within the framework of this article and the planetary pathway conversation this podcast and article represent, we are having a double alignment. Not only with the moment of the spark of Christ, but also in the moment that he created a path out of hell for those who believe in it.They are complemented by our upcoming Venus and Jupiter conjunction (April 30) and Uranus solar conjunction (May 5). That we had an x flare on specifically ‘Easter Sunday’ to me is a cosmic check mark. We are getting it done.

Right now, we are at the end of a solar cycle (wrapping up the ‘in between’ phase of 24 and into the more full expression of 25 with the two year transition), moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Interestingly, many of the alignments that I spoke of in this piece are happening in Pisces. In my harmonics, this represents striking the tones of the archetypes and cleaning them up, preparing the way for an ever more pure version of our experience. Which for a lot of us, is the baseline of the meaning of the journey or spiritual path.

These specific planetary configurations may feel particularly salient for people who are connected to the story and life of Jesus.

In thanks and Gratitude to Jesus

One of the reasons I love the teachings of Jesus. He represented love. Honesty. Truth. He acted in a reality that is not perfect and gave us a framework how to. Jesus represented a powerful Universal spark. Today and always, I celebrate his life and teachings as this. Today as relevant as always. If not, perhaps even more.


Katie IndiCrow

*Please reference this article properly if you are going to refer to these teachings. This is copyright protected material.*


Assembly of First Nations. 2022. “AFN Delegation to the Vatican.” https://www.afn.ca/vatican/. Accessed online April 16, 2022.

*I am not referencing Nicodemus here for specific reasons. To find it, you may simply search for the Gospel of. You will find it.*

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