April 12-May 17 Astrology Focus: Calling forth Your Experience

As the story of Crow Medicine podcast and astrology reports has been telling, we are in the midst of a harmonic upgrade within our solar system where long-standing cycles are ending and we are stepping ever further into our next age of expression. We have a uniquely powerful set of conjunctions coming up in the next month beginning April 12 and continuing on until May 17. This line-up includes a Jupiter and Neptune conjunction, two eclipses, and Uranus solar conjunction (among others). Press ‘play’ to see a short video presentation on the highlights. I made sure to include some higher and harder harmonic intention suggestions that you may like to incorporate into your ceremony as we make our way through.

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Work with the listed intentions each day and specifically through the conjunctions. This is up to us to make the most with.

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For More Information

Click here to check out my May astrology report. I describe the power behind the planets in detail in there.

Click Here for a Jesus Astrology Special (made because we are experiencing moments that are extremely astrologically similar to key points of the life and crossing of Jesus. This goes into the discomfort of what has been happening with the Church. It also recognizes that Jesus, the teacher, wanted none of those atrocities. I feel the archetype of this great teacher is clearing and this month has been a significant part of that. Click in to hear more:

Would You Like a Guided Practice to Support Getting the Most out of these alignments?

Click here for a little harmonization practice to bring into your am. HIGH impact, small amount of ‘time’ which is important for so many. Daily Harmonization Practice – Crow Medicine: (crow-medicine.com)

Check back for June, when I will continue telling the story of the planet.


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