Supercharging with Solar Energy

Announcing a brand new ‘quick study’ opportunity. The topic? Working with the energy of solar cycle 25 to supercharge your personal development and spiritual practice.

Aimed specifically at people who are already familiar with my methods, we dive in deep to extend the practices you have been building for years. This is a touch up, check in, and power up point for all of us! Register to gain instant access to practical advice on how to work with the energy connection and path calling techniques to get into (and stay in) your highest harmonic pathway. You also receive specific guidance on working with solar energy to facilitate meaningful emotional and spiritual repair and forward movement. This is a really nice little touch point for what came before 2020 and where we are now in the journey.

Content wise: Because this is a ‘quick study’ course, the material is designed for you to be able to get maximum information in a short amount of study time.

There is one hour of video split up into themes. People have been very clear about not wanting long studying times and also a lot of bang for your buck. This is it. Within that hour I deliver targeted guidance about the transition from Cycle 24 to 25 and how we are now stabilizing. Learn how to work with this energy to get unstuck. Discover how the unique planetary alignments are a double point for personal development. Learn how to work with this as your personal building blocks and launch point. Revisit and update past skills for this new epoch.

Most importantly, you get unique and well targeted guidance. Just like before, in these video discussions, I give all kinds of neat little facts and insights. This is complemented with meaningful exercises that build on what you know through studying with me to bring into your life.

You also get a learning folder that reminds you of the basics of the connection method that you will be building upon. This folder is a valuable resource to keep with you. Nervous about forgetting? It is written, her

Registration: Participants are able to register right now. The special kick off fee is $40 usd!

Click here to read more about the course, why there is a pre-requisite, and to get started now:

I am SO EXCITED to welcome some of you back for study!


Katie IndiCrow

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