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Hello, friends!

This is a 2 fold survey. One question is a self discovery question related to the energy that people may be meeting this month. The second is about gauging interest about who is out there and what you are interested in learning about.

Part 1: Do you feel any blocks when you think about personal development, self-care, or learning to do new things for yourself?

Not seeing a crowdsignal block? It is just a yes or no question. This question was more for individual check in than data I am collecting. )

If you answered ‘yes’, ding ding ding. We just identified one of your potential prisons. This is a GREAT month to go inward and ask yourself: what stops me from learning the skills, taking the opportunities, and making the changes that I KNOW are going to benefit me? Am I getting in the way of myself? ***The energy of April will show you exactly where this is if you let it.*** I suspect a lot of people are here. Seeing the scope of answers that turn up will probably be cathartic <3.

Part 2: This is to gauge interest around learning opportunities

Format: 5 questions. Choose your best answer and if you would like to make a suggestion, there is space for that too. It will take you maximum three minutes to participate in. The answers are fully anonymous. There is no request for your personal information other than your opinion.

To access: Click here to access ‘Which Learning Experiences Would You Be Interested in Taking Part In”:

*If the survey fills, come back tomorrow and I will have a fresh version up.*

Thanks for participating!

Happy April!

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