April 2022 Astrology Report: Solar Charged Prison Break

April 2022 is kicking off with quite the stir. Ushered in with an x flare and significant geomagnetic activity, April (and March) have been all about the prison break. Have you been feeling intensity emotionally and physically, in particular these past 4 or 5 days? This solar activity coupled with planetary configurations may be part of the why. These are main themes for our April Astrology Report.

In the podcast report for this month, we go back to December 21, 2020 and trace through Saturn Square Uranus into the Prison Break that has been this past year. December 21, 2021 and following that, the node switch in mid January marked the highlighting of Venus as our cosmic sparker for much of 2022. March through April we see a significant marker in our journey. Tune in to hear how the solar flares combined with planetary alignments are gifting us with a battery pack moment. April has some potentially rough moments. As we dive deep in the third segment, we have the power of Venus to see us through.

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What Came Before

It is possible to trace the threads of our current phase back to December 21, 2020 when Saturn and Jupiter had a conjunction on Solstice. Shortly following that, we launched into a Saturn Square Uranus season of visibility, with notable alignments occurring on February 17, June 14 and December 23 (all 2021). These were powerful stage setters for the foundational shake-up that many of us experienced last season and are emerging from, now. If you noticed things feeling particularly punishing during these months, you are not alone. That window of eclipse, Saturn square Uranus and solstice that happened back in June were doozies. They were specifically meant to be. You see. While these planets were handing out what felt like was a butt-kicking. On another layer they were showing us and the world exactly where we were lacking the conditions of freedom, dignity, and our dreams.

Astrology of April

We are moving our way through a lessons series that was kickstarted in March, 2022. Did you notice things becoming increasingly intense? This is in part because we are in the light of with some powerful alignments including Saturn and Mercury conjunction (March 3) Neptune solar conjunction (March 13, 2022), and Venus-Saturn conjunction (March 28, 2022). These moments and what came before were probably some of the most difficult that we will live through. Congratulations, we made it.

This month, we have an opportunity to move into the more personal expressions of our inner-world. The easing up of big picture circumstances have created the space for us to now finally start thinking about ourselves again. You may have been noticing yourself naturally having many thoughts about past events or unresolved issues. This is part of the planet doing its work to naturally help you adjust your vibration. Tune into the fourth segment of the podcast for a detailed description of the planetary alignments this month and how they are creating a path into any remaining inner (or outer) prisons.

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April 2022 Astrology Highlights

*I only list the dates I speak about. There are more as you know from your other Astrology reports and personal calculations. Add this to them.*

April 1: New Moon

April 3: Lunar Occultation of Uranus

 April 4: Conjunction of Saturn and Mars

April 8: Jupiter Sextile True Node***

April 11: Saturn Square True Node

April 12:  Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune

April 16: Full Moon (Libra)

April 18: Conjunction of Mercury and Venus

April 27: Conjunction of Venus and Neptune

April 29: Pluto enters Retrograde

April 30: Venus and Jupiter conjunction on a Partial Lunar Eclipse

As these planets come into play, they bring with them the power to see and experience the prisons within ourselves. In the harder harmonic of astrology, planets such as Neptune, Saturn, and Mars hand out an almighty asskicking. A few examples of the behaviours these planets show us may include: selfishness, greed, addiction, abuse of self and others, and Ways we are being manipulated and exploited (or are doing that to others). During these conjunction moments, it can be tempting to have an outburst, to be emotionally volatile, to pick up the bottle or to do the thing we know we should not. It is up to us to have the strength of character and self-control to view these occurrences responsibly and to take accountability for the ways our actions play out.

As I share throughout the podcast, these last few years of alignments have brought with them a lot of visibility. This includes the harder as well as the higher harmonics. Part of what we are doing here in the big picture is healing ourselves and the Universe. I truly believe that we have turned a corner on some very dark days. Having said that, the tough stuff is not yet quite over. This month can either be extremely illuminating or a big challenge. Maybe both. It is up to you if the higher or harder harmonic works out.

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Crow Medicine April 2022 Astrology Report

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