The Power of Processing and Its Importance to Our Well-Being

“The Power of Processing and Its Importance to our Well Being”

Processing. We know it is important because we hear people saying it all the time. We know that it is something we are supposed to be doing. But what does it mean to ‘process’? Is this activity really as integral to living a healthy and balanced energetic life as people make it out to be?

The short answer is YES.

Processing is a part of our sense making strategy. It is key to our intelligibility of the world. It is through these moments of self-engagement and investigation that we learn what works for us and what does not. When we have many of these experiences that we do not give ourselves the space to ‘deal with’, we accumulate energy that starts to weigh us down. We get a ‘chip’ on our shoulder. We forget what it feels like not to carry that extra weight with us. We normalize it and it becomes part of our perspective (or approach) to this world. Making sense of the positive experiences is just as important as working through the sticky tough feeling ones. Recognizing when things went well and what we did to get there is KEY to doing it again and more.

This written article describes the power of processing and how to bring moments of sifting, sorting, and self-connection into your life.

What is processing

When I think about processing, it reminds me of data management. We identify an event or an experience, we put meaning to it based on our perspective and the way it felt as we experienced it, we decide how to ‘categorize’ it, and from there, we choose how to handle ‘it’ (or ourselves in relation to it). Sometimes we shred the papers, other times we keep them with us as valued files. When it comes to processing, I identify the ‘immediate’ and the ‘long term’ dimensions. The immediate is the one in which quickly determine the situation and choose how to act RIGHT NOW. This is the ‘keeping it moving’ part. In these immediate instances, if there is something negative or an aggression, we often take the energy of the incident on the chin or we file it in the “will deal with it later” pile.

Long term processing is when we think about or work through things that happened in the previous course of our lives. This could be last month, last year, or a decade ago. For me, what makes the distinction is that when it is moved from ‘short term’, we are not caught up in the flow of action. ‘Long term’ means we are not immediately caught up in acting in it. In this sense, it is important to note that if you are in an ongoing situation of ‘must act’, getting those valuable moments of slowing down and ‘looking back’ to make sense and or to heal is not as easy to do.

Processing in an energetic sense means that we give ourselves the opportunity to go back to the moments that we had to gloss through and check in with ourselves: how did you really feel, then? What is the reason that interaction or engagement sticks out to you? What would you have said if you could say anything you want in that situation? From here, we may better figure out if there are any lessons in or actions to take from the experience.

One of the secrets of emotionally and spiritually strong people:  We give ourselves regular intervals to be real with our emotions. To revisit these moments where we had to be strong. We give ourselves the safe space to deal with the residual anger, hurt, or pain. In these moments, we remedy whatever trauma we may have incurred. We also celebrate when we do something well. We make peace, sever ties, or form new ones. And then, when we are done with that, we move on.

Making Sense of Emotions and Experiences

We process all kinds of things. High on the list are the interactions we have (or do not have) and the emotions we experience while (or after) we have them. Giving ourselves the opportunity to go over the interactions, triumphs, and tribulations we have in our lives and making sense of them is vital to our personal development process. In these moments, we figure out what works and what does not. We identify if we were balanced in that engagement or business relationship; what did we put into it and what did we get out? Do we feel good about how we performed as well as how we were treated? When we regularly ask ourselves these self-knowing questions, we are able to ‘keep the decks clear’. If we have made a mistake, we identify and fix it. We apologize. If something happened that we do not understand, we find clarity. If we loved an occurrence and it has stood out as spectacular, we know that it is something we would like to bring more of into our lives in coming cycles. Finding the themes in experiences and interactions that leave us feeling poorly or wonderful is a powerful way to manage and evaluate our lives.

How Do You Know If You Need to Process?

Continuing to revisit an event or interaction is a clear indication that there is unresolved energy connecting us to it. Some people call this excessive rumination. The continuing thoughts that revisit a particular moment are either a) your soul brining you back for a lesson, b) an indication of an unhealed energy thread, or c) both.

Not having much connection to your creativity or excitement for life is another clear indication that there are some residual energies holding on. Unfiltered emotions, worries, and stress literally sits on the creative part of your soul and body connection.

Another sign that you are in need of a good sit and sort is that you have been going ‘full tilt’. As I have mentioned at multiple points in this article, we do not only make sense of the ‘tough stuff’ or need to process when things go wrong. This is also the case when things are going great or when we are just busy for long periods in general.

The final indicator I will bring up in this article is a bit more subtle. It has to do with how the people and animals around you act in your presence. If you notice that there is a change, in particular a pull back or sore tummies and headaches from the young ones, that is a sign that they are picking up what you are carrying around with you. They feel what you feel whether you realize it or not. If you are carrying around a big weight, there is a high likelihood that they will notice.

Energy Tools to Support Processing

From my learnings, energy stagnancy and a disconnection from the soul are two main impacts of holding on to excesses of unprocessed energy. A second closely connected impact is forming associations or incorporating the lesson into your worldview. How do we form a life view or perspective? By interpreting the experiences that we have, putting them into a narrative, and then operating based on those heuristics in our day-to-day life. These become our axioms. Our TRUTHS. What happens when we do not make unbiased sense of the ‘bad things’ or take the lessons we are meant to learn from them in ‘processing’ (which gives us the space to adjust our life strategy based on our lived experience in a healthy way), it becomes very easy to get ‘bogged down’. We get to ‘chip on the shoulder’ mode. Over the course of living a year, a person could go from being optimistic and believing that there is hope in the world to believing that everything is awful and there is not much point in continuing on. Conversely, a person who feels like an overwhelmed, emotional (or unemotional) wreck may begin making significant headway through those emotions by realizing that they are there and proactively dealing with them on a daily basis.

From this perspective, getting your energy body repaired and moving as well as forming bonds with your soul are the two main ways that I teach people to begin forming that stable and safe connection space that becomes part of daily as well as more long-term energy processing. Giving ourselves the space to connect to our experiences, reflect on them, and then move on IS an energy management strategy.

  • Am and pm meditation and energy alignment moments. Giving yourself regular intervals to say ‘hi’ to your soul and flush out your energy body of whatever you may have picked up in the course of a day (or night) is a #1 strategy to keeping things flowing properly and avoiding buildup.
  • Working with intentional soul communication. Asking yourself questions and giving yourself the space to speak (and actually listening) is tied for #1 in the world of processing.
  • Regular physical exercise. Go into it without a plan to do other work or to socialize. Go into it with the attitude that you would like to process unresolved energy and emotions.
  • Making friends with your emotions. Getting to know what they mean. Allowing them to happen in safe contexts that does not cause you damage.
  • Hanging outside in nature. Getting to a waterfall, stream, the base of a huge tree helps.
  • Scheduling in regular self-care, processing moments. The planetary line-ups and energy field of the planet around solstices and equinoxes are perfect for this.
  • Going for walks before and after stressful experiences.

Current or past students: I have some specific guidance for you based on what you have studied. Referring to the suggestions list, the meditation and ‘repair’ part is taken care of every single time you do your connection to the crystalline core and the universe and run energy through your body. This is why I recommend you do it each day in few minute intervals. (Breathe, ground, connect in my new school or my lighting up the energy body technique taught pre 2020 at the old one. You will find a full discussion of this in ‘module two’ in ‘Soul Compass’.) As you learned in ‘Soul Compass’, our souls have a very powerful ability to communicate with us to give those answers we wish we had about our deep inner state of working. The self-communication technique that you learned takes you directly into that conversation with your soul that is so essential to processing. You have been working with the ‘self-knowing’ exercises. As you are calling forth your energy and engaging yourself, ask yourself:

Is there anything that I am unaware of or missing that I am ready to call forth to process? OR if there is something that you know you must work with, sit in meditation. Connect to your soul and ask yourself, “Please show me the highest harmonic pathway through understanding this. What is it about this that is sticking out to me? What is there for me to take away from this?”

Processing Pandemic Experiences

This season, many of us are having the natural rising of feelings we experienced over the pandemic coming to the forefront. Have you been finding yourself with running thoughts of things you experienced over the past few years? Great sign. You are processing.

 We experience energy in cycles. It was just after Equinox (March, 2020) that we first went into lockdown. It is fitting that for many parts of the world, it is right around this Equinox mark that ‘opening up’ is happening again. As we shift to ‘freedom’, the pressure of the last two years is beginning to lift. As part of that lifting and shifting, we now naturally move from ‘survival’ and ‘getting through it’ to ‘what just happened’ and ‘how to we move forward’ mode. This is where processing becomes important.  

We had to suppress very honest parts of our human experience over the past two years. Being inside for extended periods of time; being unable to visit our places of worship (both indoors and outdoors), being separated from the earth, losing homes, friends, jobs and businesses, as well as not being able to sing or dance was HARD TO LIVE THROUGH. It is ok to admit that you felt alone, scared or lost. Right now, a lot of people are still at the denial phase. “I am fine.” This is what we tell ourselves when we are still in ‘act right now’ mode. We have normalized extreme circumstances as part of the global covid handling strategy. It is what it is. It is important that we now work on healing the spiritual and emotional trauma that we incurred as we did that. Doing so will stop us from carrying this as long-standing wounds into the future.

We are also now processing the things that we experience as we re-integrate into society. Many of us are going out and doing things like talking in groups that we were told could kill people for the past two years. This has an impact. There is psychological weirdness that comes with being unmasked when you have been told that masking is what keeps you and other people alive. There is guilt for being able to go places in freedom while other people cannot. It can be scary and weird to be around people that are not in your family bubble. Not to mention, there is that thing happening where many of our social groups and communities were absolutely destroyed because members of it died, became militaristic in their worldview and expected us to follow it, turned to substance abuse, or otherwise moved on. Picking up the pieces and feeling safe to emote together again with some notable differences is a reality for a lot of us.

In a lot of ways, we have this interesting moment where we are at rebirth. During the past two years many of us found parts of ourselves that we really liked. Some found parts we did not. Many of us endured and suffered silently through some things that it is now ok to admit to ourselves were HARD. Losing homes, businesses, job insecurity, poverty, having the ability to ask questions being taken away, and feeling confused about what was happening was a real-life experience that many people had. I studied this pandemic as an anthropologist AND an energy expert. One of the most damaging things that I witnessed happening was that the normal spaces and places of processing were taken away. For a period of time, expressing any form of confusion, concern or discontent with how things were happening made you ‘anti’ health. Even if what you were saying in no way criticized the formal narrative. Simultaneously, we were being stopped from doing normal activities like being able to go to the park, church, to visit friends or family, or to perform our sacred rituals in the places we have long made visits. People who got sick felt like they had done something wrong and were treated like they did. This cutting off from the normal acceptable realms of conversation and connection with our communities that is a healthy part of processing hurt us. It was hard.

Just because it was hard did not mean that we stopped. As I have discussed in other articles, we picked up the weight and we continued on. We had to keep it moving for ourselves, our families and communities. We were strong. We deserve a global celebration for that.

We also deserve and NEED a personal processing party.

There is an inner and somewhat softly stated public opinion that talking about these hard parts means we could not handle it or that we were weak. That leads to ‘clamming up’ and saying nothing or doing nothing about it. Trust me when I tell you. There is incredible strength and wisdom in being proactive. Dealing with something now is better than having it come back and bight you in the bottom manifesting as some form of personality or energy disorder.

Now that many of us are ‘through the woods’, giving ourselves the opportunity to come to process this and the space to recognize if or how it affected us is going to be an important part of making sure that we do not incur personal or societal wounds that will mark our paths negatively in the future.

ATTENTION: I have kept a lot of conversation about the pandemic from this blog for obvious reasons. Many of us are completely exhausted by all conversation of it. I have a lot of information in me that is along the tone of this section. I have no idea if people would be interested in hearing if. If there is interest, I am ready to put together a little 20 or 30 dollar processing package that you would be able to access in private at your own pace. Click this poll to indicate interest if you have it:

What Happens if You Do Not Process?

One of the main negative impacts of failing to make sense of the experiences we have and filtering them energetically is that we become emotionally or spiritually disconnected. This build up contributes to becoming depressed, despondent, and not feeling like there is much shiny or good about this world. Many people fill the hole of processing by avoiding doing it. Activities like thrill seeking through consumption of drugs and alcohol, risky sexual behaviour, spending, or acting like a sociopath happens. On a relational scale it is possible this negative impact will trickle into your personal life with family, your career, and friends. When we do not deal with the tough stuff, we become depressed. We get mean. We are not nice to be around and or we lose our faith in this world.

A second important dimension is that when we do not engage, we potentially miss valuable lessons. These moments of reviewing our life experiences and their impacts are ones through which we learn the most. The school of life never closes. There is valuable information in a failed project or terrible interaction just as much as there is in those that are more successful. Clocking and celebrating what works is a big part of experiencing more of it.

If you found yourself in this article. DO NOT FEEL DISHEARTENED. You are doing yourself a major favour in waking up to this. It is not easy but it is important. As most people who have been carrying a heavy load know. The really difficult part is that a lot of us do not even know that it is there. The point of an article like this is to remind us that hey. Everything is energy. Every interaction, engagement, thought, connection, touch, conversation that we have forms the fabric of our lives. Realizing this invisible layer of weight exists and how relatively easy it is to start helping ourselves carry or transform it is a landmark moment in a lot of peoples lives. Maybe it will be for yours. I know it was for mine!

Equinoxes and Solstices are Powerful Occasions to Mark Our Healing

As I said at the outset, a common characteristic of people who maintain spiritual and emotional strength throughout their lives is that they regularly give themselves the opportunity to revisit, sort, and sift. Solstice (June 21, December 21) and Solstice (March 19-21 and September 21-23 depending on where we are in rotation) are four signposts that mark the turning of the seasons and the planets through which we do this. These are moments to set goals, check in on ourselves and to see how we are doing. They are also powerful for uniting in intent in support and thanks for our home, this planet.

 Part of what I do taking care of the planet is calibrating the various sacred sites and energy centers that we have to the powerful influxes and planetary alignments presented to us in these moments. ‘Old’ friends and fans, you know this well. For the past five years, these days were favoured ones through which I have traditionally led ceremony. In order to complete my tasks for the planet and protect my energy, I had to take a Solstice and and Equinox ‘off’ from public ceremony activities. I am working on getting together an activity for Equinox. Please do check back!

Ready to Start Processing Now?

Ready to start processing right now? I have listed multiple suggestions that WORK in this article. I have also specifically been releasing Crow Medicine Music journey and voice-based podcasts that are designed to help people connect to and move through energy, emotion, and circumstance. Click here for a list of the music journeys:

I also publish astrology reports each month. In these, I focus on the planetary influences we have incoming and how to connect to them to get to your highest harmonic pathway of learning and experience. Scroll to the bottom of the post for a list of recent ones.

***For those ready to have guided instruction, I also have access anytime you want training at the ready in my school that will walk you through this healing and self-connection process no bs, in safety. Click here to check out Soul Compass. You are going to get a lot out of this experience. *(check out the powerful foundations pack for the best value: ).***


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