Peace on Earth Meditation

I recorded a video meditation practice this morning. Its focus in calling in peace on earth and extending a wave of loving energetic support to those who are calling for it. I am posting it here to invite those who are so moved to join in on this cause.

Our current cosmic alignments are such that now, possibly more than ever in our lifetime (so far), our intent has power. Working together in earnest heart-space, we are able to contribute to shifting this. (These moments are what I allude to in my astrology podcasts. I will speak about this planetary potential more in subsequent broadcasts. Stay tuned.)

Peace comes when we call it, live it, and be it. Energy masters and beginners alike. We ALL count. There are moments where our unification is called upon and one is right now. If you feel it in your inspiration, please join in on this focused intent activity. Do it once or fifteen times, this objective of peace on earth, I believe will be met in (some) of our lifetimes. We also extend a wave of support to those calling out for it.

*Share this practice to family, colleagues, and friends.*

Peace on Earth Meditation

Format: We breathe and ground. From there, an intention to focus on is placed upon the screen. If you agree with it, set it! Send that energy through your feet into the planet. Tell the Universe. This is what we believe in. This is what we are ready for. Most importantly, if you feel scared right now there is a hug in energy form waiting.

*If this is appearing as a ‘picture’ to you, just click the center. It is a video.*

Repeat this as often as you feel inspired!

Take this activity with you to a park, on a walk, or a car ride. Once you have the mechanics down, you are able to wave peace anywhere you go. The world needs that now and we know this.

Calling forth peace as a harmonic is something that is a long-term project. As a community, we have been contributing to it ‘this way’ since 2016. Uniting for peace is something we have done and will continue to do. Being someone who works often in the energy of war and its consequence, I know gravely that this is not a simple wish. Peace is complex. The seeds, my friends, are not. This is something that we are able to plant and we know this well. Being a master, I also know the potential of alignment and the power in significance. NOW is an important turning point for our planet. Add your voice to peace if you feel so inspired.

(I apologize to ‘new’ people for not being able to go into detail about the advanced metaphysics of collective intent formation. I must return to my other ceremonial duties now having completed this video. This is something I taught over four or five years to my community and so I felt comfortable using shorthand knowing we are about a 50-50 mix. Stay tuned for more about it. Especially the music podcasts.)


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