Music Journey: Calling Love into Your Path

Hello, friends! Today I deliver you a music infused ceremony focused on calling the highest harmonic of love into our paths. Work with it as a touchpoint to check in with yourself and to inspire moving past the very real-life difficulties we have experienced these past two years. Being separated from the planet and one another (along with everything else) has left many of us feeling a little blah, vacant, and/or wounded. This music journey is the equivalent of a love muster point. Meet me here. Together, we brush off the dust, we shine the light into our path, and we get ready to move forward.

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We start the music journey by grounding ourselves here, now. In this moment. Working with an etheric song “If You” by Earth Traxx for inspiration, we call our energy into focus. For the next selection, we take a moment to honour ourselves in the difficulties we have faced. We bring love into those moments by being an energetic force to give ourselves the support we wished we had. Bopping back into a higher note, we focus on reconnecting and re-invigorating the joy of emotions and being able to feel them. “Emotions” by Mariah Carey sings us through that. We celebrate the joy of being human and recognize the strength and beauty we have as a species. As part of our ceremony, we call forth the highest harmonic of love into our own path of healing. We celebrate our potential. We are a love wave and we always have been. Our inspiration to close off the journey on that note? “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer.

Featuring Music From (in order as they appear):

Earth Trax, Axel Boman, Massive Attack, Mariah Carey, and Donna Summer

Thank you Crow Medicine Music Journey Fans

A big thank you goes out to the Music Journey Fans far and wide. It has been almost a year that we have been here doing this. The early shows were so humble and honest. I feel excited to take the lessons and inspiration of the first year and to do ever better as we continue on. It feels great to be back doing this format of expression. As I explain in the podcast, the last few months of ceremony brought me to a place where the gentle and playful part that you find here was not able to come out. It was a very serious and skill focusing time. I sat down to record for you so many times and it just was not the moment. I hope that the heart put into this comes through. I was so excited that today was the day I get to record for you!

Those of you who joined in ‘Calling In the Come Up” and “Equinox” ceremonies last year will be pleased to know that the seeds we helped plant are flowering. Restrictions are lifting. Sense is returning. More people are able to be outside and acting as people than before. Tune in to celebrate being part of that! Focused intent contributes to positive energetic atmospheres for action. If we can add it, why not?

The podcast:

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