USA Pluto Return 2022

We are coming up on the first Pluto Return for USA, February 22, 2022. That means that Pluto is entering the same part of the chart that it was in when the country was birthed.

As part of this return, the ideas and circumstances within which the USA was founded are being questioned. Revisited. Their limits are being tested. Their strengths seen. I believe a new, more strong nation is in the process of emerging. Within this, as is the nature of Pluto, so too has an unseen conversation been happening. One in the energy world, that includes interests that have driven wars, domination, and destruction to Earth and humanity. With the Pluto Return, the visibility of it all is happening. Its ripple we will see for the next few years. May the lessons we learn as it all comes about carry us in grace, peace, and a new sense of unity that does not crush individuality as we move on.

Bringing Energy into the Analysis

What is notable about the United States is the project of government that was born here. It is one that is powerful and clear. The Bill of Rights, Constitution, and Declaration were all designed to support life, liberty and freedom to pursue a chosen religion. The ability to have a government by and for the people. It is no coincidence that as Pluto Return made its way into alignment that these questions have become dominant in the public sphere. So too has systemic hypocrisy and where things are not working. As we face this Pluto return together, we will increasingly see more clearly. We are not out of the weeds yet but we do have a weed whacker that the neighbour dropped off. That whacker is the energy of Pluto (coupled with its journey with Venus). It was preceded by Saturn Square Uranus all 2021 (I will speak on this more in the next instalment.)

From a spiritual perspective, there were and are energy threads from dangerous and predatory interests that got involved here in USA. Most are born of the same negative influence our ancestors battled throughout the world and thus not specific to USA. We see it in the power over other people mentality. We see it in the practices of slavery and the murder that came with it. It happened on the Trail of Tears. As I have studied USA over these years, I have come to see very clearly that there are also multiple conflict and dark magick warfare events that had happened on USA soil before colonial settlement had happened. The very limited scope of history that we are presented in terms of who lived here before us and what they did has limited our ability to ‘fix’ or ‘understand’ the extremely rough energy we meet here. More on that in the podcast.

Practices of murder, appropriation, and exploitation create scars and wounds that weigh down the collective energy field. They mark relations but they also mark the spiritual atmosphere in which our souls are creating.

Energetically speaking, these factors are observable. You see the long term impact in systems and social relations. You see its impression in the manipulative practices that have been built into social, economic, and political structures that were meant to benefit the many being turned into the favour of a small few. We FEEL it in the despair, anger, extreme ‘individualism’, and being tempted to end a life that is common here. This has had real life, negative consequences. Those consequences built up a huge energy weight. This has been pulling down and siphoning the ideals and potential of AMERICA the powerful, beautiful, and plentiful. Not to mention what was here before America was called that. This land did not just begin, these recent days. It has a life, personality and its own story to tell. One that I humbly listen to in my own way.

Pluto has been working with Uranus Square Saturn as well as Jupiter since early 2021 to shore up each and every one of these interests. That ceremony series was brutal. There are no words to mince. *Interesting note. First x-flare in 4 years happened on July 3, 2021 which is the conclusion of the battle of Gettysburg. This is not a coincidence. It also coincided with an alignment of Venus (which bodes well for now). These two together moved into node switch on January 18, 2022 with Taurus (Venus) being north node and Scorpio (Pluto) being south. Katie IndiCrow planet math reads this as highly favourable beginning for USA not only for the nodal journey but also for the next return.

As is the case for unhealed Pluto and Scorpio, the path of being destroyed by passion and swayed by insecurity is there. We are seeing the extremes of every single planetary influence as it impacts the collective journey we are on as people bound in a society by a state, which is what we are. If you are like me, the extremes that we have been moving through have become a bit painful. Newsmedia and galvanizing public figures that profit from nabbing views through often ‘shocking’ headlines and heavily one-sided story-telling is maddening to witness. We see the impact of perspective in governance very clearly, right now. We are exposed to extremes and inefficiencies of all sorts. We also see really powerful, loving, and diligent people banding together to advocate for meaningful forward movement. (They are truly inspiring.) This is the equivalent of sifting things out and seeing progress through. Though it may look like it is just beginning, we are many steps into a more powerful ever-growing path where we see the truth for what it is. The inefficiencies are being fixed, and the rebirth into a different, more pure form of life is happening. It is up to every single person who is living here to be part of that in our thoughts, intents, and actions.

A Land of Potential
What is special about USA is that this land and the people on it have been very powerful at resisting these unseen forces. Despite their presence and focus here I think USA is powerful and doing well. There is a resilience, strength, and love here. There is harshness and pain but that is not all there is. The land that we call USA is powerful. You can have your socks blown off at a waterfall, shore, coastline, or national monument around just about any corner. There is kindness and a willingness to give someone a start. There is pride in the principles upon which the Declaration of Independence was formed. There is a reason people from all over the world come to USA. It is because there is a potential here quite unlike anywhere else. (If you can get past the layer of the aforementioned factors to tap into it. I recognize the stark disparity faced by people living in economic and social inequality and those who meet the brick wall.)

My Love for USA
My first time here was back in late 2017, when I visited Boston and toured Massachusetts taking care of sites. Called by the land, I came to earnestly begin my work of healing it and helping prepare it for what we are experiencing now. I have been working in diligent ceremony here, ever since, with a very special focus the past two years, when I moved here. Since that first visit, I have been both wowed by the land and also at points, floored by the things it has taught me. Because I keep the details of ceremony private in honour of the souls involved, you hear very little about it. Some themes I consistently work on are: the spiritual dimensions of the Revolutionary and the Civil War, the energy profiting off of the selling and kidnapping of people, honouring the very documents this article is about, sparking the power of the land, and healing and returning soul wounds. A major activity out these parts is honouring the land in its sacred sense. The land is still reeling from the Indigenous caretakers moving off of it and the politics behind their absence via Treaty. Land misses them greatly and their presence for 10,000 years prior was an important part of the sacred balance here. My job is it listen and to learn and to do what is in my skillset. Eventually, that will be to tell about what the land has said. (I am still listening.)

Being here in USA and adding my ceremony is an honor. First as a visitor and now as a person who chose to marry and create my home here. This was the country that took my people, the Acadians, when we were forcefully evicted from Atlantic Canada where we had peacefully and happily cohabitating with the Indigenous populations. Having left France to escape war and find a new way of life as people (not colonial agents), we were targeted heavily by the British and forced out. Some of our first ships landed specifically in the part of USA I live in, around a decade before the Pluto birth happened. USA was good to my people when nowhere else in the world was. I (we) will never forget that. There is a strong love and loyalty that exists in my soul for this land and the relative freedom it gave my people.

Want to Hear More?

This is part 1 of an article series.

Come back in July. I will have more to say! Not to mention, the USA Pluto Return is happening at the same time we are in the process of a highly unique moment in our solar system. As I have been speaking about in my astrology podcasts, these next few years are important in our expansion as humans. We are experiencing heightened solar activity (which is helping heal the planet and the solar system). We are having unique and powerful transits that are hundreds of years in the process of lining up. Many closely touching back to the moment USA was born (which was itself unique in our global story). Stay tuned because I will continue to write, teach, and podcast so much more.


July 2022 Update: We are moving through the Great Dissolve.


Katie IndiCrow

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  (*The family line I am born from in this life is among a very small minority group that was able to evade or return from deportation to PEI, where we remain a minority today. About 3,000 of us call the Island home. Our lives in NS, PEI, and NB have been marked by a close connection to the land and a lot of hardship, which I was born into and continue to heal today. Coming here meant my own freedom. A story for another time.*)

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