Why I Stopped FB and YT

We are what we engage with. When we ‘sign up’ for something and participate in it, that means we are part of it. Not only are we exposed to it more regularly, we rely on it as part of how we get and give information.

Over the years, you used to see me engaging heavily on Youtube through frequent videos. I also posted a lot on FB, leading upwards of 3,500 people at a time through open access learning activities. If you have been watching you have noticed that I took down my youtube page of videos. You will also notice that FB posts and engagements to my personal page which used to be home base have stopped. Nothing is wrong with me. I am in the best health of my life and seeing things clearly.

As a person who has always held strong values, particularly around freedom of information and informational integrity, what I am seeing happening on these platforms is outright scary. This is a shortlist:

  1. Censorship relating to the truth about Covid. These platforms are major cogs in the serious mishandling of a real crisis.
  2. Lack of diverse information on key subjects. When there is no diversity in information, that indicates very strong content control.
  3. Increasing control of what a person is and which categories they (or their creations) fit in. I call this ‘boxing’ and they use psychological tricks with the platforms that are built in to discipline you when you leave yours.
  4. Ongoing accurate information being touted as ‘inaccurate’ by ‘fact checkers’ who are really ‘line towers’. (As an academic. I have been horrified at what gets called not a fact these days.)
  5. Unsafe behaviours of bullying, stalking, and energy siphoning are the norm there.
  6. Creative content. Did you know when a creative person puts their writing on one of those platforms, they have a claim to it? Keep this in mind if you are a creator.
  7. Censorship relating to the real life ‘tough stuff’ that is often the line of information sharing I did. In the old days you used to remember me being able to talk about sexual abuse, addiction, and unequal power. We are not allowed to talk about those things on these platforms any longer. They are now ‘taboo’. Over the past two years, as I have refused to tow that line I have seen my profiles be demonetized, shadowbanned (almost constantly), and toyed with.

Not only all of the above, we are also exposed to technology that is known to enhance digital surveillance to corporate interests. In turn, they are clearly willing to let that be used to foster greater control.

In addition to all of the above, they are addictive.

We Are What We Put Our Energy Into

We are what we put our energy into. Simple as that. My creations do not belong on these toxic and dangerous platforms. Bigger than that, why would I subject myself or my students to something SO unhealthy? Knowing that things just were not right on these places, I have decided to stop using them. I took all my youtube videos down and deleted my page. I am in the process of letting my FB ‘sit’ as a resource, but it too will eventually be taken down.

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

I stand for truth, peace and freedom. I act in accordance with that. Even if that means I lose access to a VERY LARGE AUDIENCE. This is not the first time a choice I made for integrity would put me in this position. You have seen me walk away from scenarios that could have brought me a lot of money and influence because it was coming the wrong way and would have exposed you, my people, to dangerous things. That is not how I roll. No amount of likes, a few course signups, or a higher view count number is worth endangering the people who came to trust me as a teacher.

What we put our energy into, even when it comes to things like information exchange, has a HUGE impact on our lives. I care about mine and yours. As we said in the 2022 Astrology report, this is a year of ‘me’. Where we really get to the basics and start ground up, with purity and clarity. For me, taking the leap off of those heaps is part of it.

Still Creating

As noted, I left my business page sitting on fb and allow these posts to autostream through. Because it directs a link to my site, the creative content theft is not an issue. This will remain for a small while as a bridge to my faithful readers. There will be no more public events or engagement through there. Nor do I personally visit. It is now an automation that will be phased out.

I make podcasts on spotify because they still have high informational integrity on that platform. These get broadcast to anchor, itunes, and other major players. Here is my rss feed: https://crowmedicinemedia.com/blog/ and my rss: https://anchor.fm/s/4e78d11c/podcast/rss. Sometimes these podcasts have videos. ***I broadcast on several platforms and these podcasts can be accessed ‘for free’ (aside from the music specials, which due to licensing are for sportify members only). For example, apple player on the internet (not itunes) lets you listen right from the browser. So does Anchor.

I write all the time and will continue to produce videos. I have an independent host that I just purchased not 24 hours after making the next phase of this choice and putting it into action.

You can always come and join me at my school. I will be focusing my teaching there. https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/. Over the years, I allowed my public profiles to be my ‘school’, offering upward of 10 000 people with ‘free’ educational experiences. I will be continuing on with that fun, caring learning approach, there. I finally found a host that works well and has all the bells and whistles. Join us!

While I do hope that people come here and find me, and follow this blog, I realize that the addiction cycle of FB is very strong. I spent many years dedicated to the people online in that community including going full public access programming, particularly during the first half of the pandemic where I held weekly gatherings ‘for free’, which is really something I did since 2016. We had a lot of good times. THANK YOU. There were some of you I really, really loved who I do hope come along to visit me!!! Maybe you are seeing this for what it is too and are seeking something out.

To Stay In Touch

Subscribe to this blog, my rss feed, or come visit. I will be here, doing my thing with integrity.

***Since writing this, the company itself has released research describing their findings of exactly the level of deception and paid politicing (the word schilling comes to mind). Click here to read about it: https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/meta-report-highlights-rise-home-grown-online-deception/story?id=82381256.***


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