January 2022 Astrology: Passing the Torch

January 2022 is a powerful month during which we will experience a node switch, Uranus and Venus go direct, solar conjunction of Pluto, an inferior solar conjunction of Mercury to name some of our more powerful planetary movements this month.

In a lot of ways, January represents a transition phase moreso than an outright beginning. If you have been feeling yourself doing more wrapping up than starting, that is a sign you are in flow with the cosmic order. As I outline in the report, through the first half of the month we are experiencing something of a passing the torch. This is a wrap up from 2021 which was a Saturn and Jupiter led journey (accompanied by Mars) through the depths that lasted for an entire cycle (beginning with a conjunction on 12/21/20). As of solstice, (December 21) we saw the gentle transition into a ‘year’ of Venus. Watch the movements of the moon as opportunities to bring thanks and release into your personal ceremonies. If you are like me, you had a lot of change brought through with Saturn and Jupiter, sometimes feeling blunt, though ultimately necessary. Last year was a lot of goodbyes and not agains. Finishing off that process and thanking the planets for their inspiration and support is a great way to formally let it all go.

Venus, Mercury, and the Moon take center stage as personal touchpoints throughout the month. Sometimes misunderstood, the moon represents our connection to our inner world. It also represents consciousness, emotion, and awareness. SELF CARE AS WELL. As the moon makes its journey this month, these parts of our lives will come into focus. The moon has two conjunctions with Mercury (the 3 and 30) as well as Saturn (4), Jupiter (5) and Mars (30). As I describe in the report, this represents the passing of the torch. By the time we work our way through that, we will have also had Pluto with its solar conjunction (January 16), Uranus direct, the node switch (both January 18), as well as Venus going direct (January 29). We will feel a natural wrap up as well as an expansion in our connection to our inner world. For some this will feel comfortable, for others much less so. Listen in for why.

Uranus goes direct on the same day that we have a nodal switch, which is January 18th. When nodes switch, things happen. When Uranus goes direct, things happen. When Uranus goes direct on a nodal switch, we have a combination of life and world changing energy at our fingertips. Things are going to change within us as well as around us.

A key theme of this podcast astrology report is really outlining the significance of this nodal shift and the transition into the Venus cycle. This signifies a very different moment of the human journey that is part of the consciousness shift. Remember that? We will return more and more to connecting to our expanded human potential. We are about to rise from those ashes. We will have a different feeling world by March. Stay strong.

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Self-Care REvolution

One of the key themes of this report is that our inner world is a huge part of our freedom, health, and well-being. ‘Breathe, Ground, Connect’ is a gentle way to get connected to planet earth, the love of the universe, and you. At your own pace: Breathe, Ground, Connect: Adult and Mature Learners (learnworlds.com)

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*Why am I delivering this on the 3rd? I have been in ceremony. Tune in for more on that!*

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