Congrats on Completing the 10 day Energy Management Experience

Congratulations! You just completed day 10 of a 10-day energy management experience. Just in time for 2022, to boot. Even if you did not get the 10 days through, making the concerted effort to dedicate moments to your energetic wellbeing is something to celebrate. You deserve that congratulations, too!

Our theme for the 10 days was to get information out about ways to work with meditation for energy management. Each of the days offers a suggestion on how to fit in your practice in ways that really helps you. Scroll through the materials for ideas on how meditation and energy management can work for you.

The Self-Evaluation Component

On day 1 of the experience, I released an article that had some suggestions about how to evaluate if or how taking these 5 minutes a day for energy management was impacting your life. I recommend going back to it and giving yourself the opportunity to observe you. Ask yourself questions like: How did this work for you? Where did you have resistance to self-care? Where did you love it? Have you found any improvement in your overall state of being? These parts matter because the experience you have while you are having the experience tell you a lot about where you are and what you need!

Click here for the measure: 10 Day Vibration Setting Experiment: Will 5 Minutes Make a Difference? – Crow Medicine: (

Would you like your own copy of the meditation we worked with for the experience? A reminder that it is available for purchase and download at my school. So too is my course ‘Breathe, Ground, Connect’ which is a GREAT way to keep up what you started here and to learn more about the method of harmonics. Notice how this worked better than a ‘normal’ meditation? Part of it is the unique method I created. Worth mentioning.


I will be back in a few more days with a wrap up video and discussion. From what I could tell there were about 30 of us playing along!!! If any of you are out there, I would LOVE to hear how you are doing with the experience.




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