Add Meditation to Your Celebration

Ah. Special occasions. Moments where we are often around other people and/or given the opportunity to focus on ourselves.We just so happen to be on one of those dates that many people celebrate as both! New Year! A day where we enter into a new calendar year and also, where a lot of people like to set resolutions to get on a better health track.

Day 9 or 10

Today, the suggestion for our day 9 of 10 days is to make harmonics and little meditation moments a part of your celebration. Be that as something you do for a little bit before you go out to join others, and or as your whole celebration. (Yes, some of us are that dry that hanging out home in personal dedication and focusing on calling in a great year seems more fun than a party.)

Starting the year off at midnight or tomorrow am with a harmonization practice is a GREAT way to get 2022 going on a foot that is harmonized to love. Signal to yourself and your soul that this is the year of you.

***Those of you who are going out tonight or tomorrow may well appreciate material for day 3, harmonize before you socialize

Congratulations to those of you who have been going on with this little experience. You already got your New Year fresh foot forward on the ground. See you tomorrow for our final post in the experience!

Happy 2022!

Here is the practice:



Here is your day 8 post for those who missed it: In here you will also find all of the materials for day 1 through 8!

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