Ever Get that Chest Rattle After an Interaction?

Let’s face it. Life can be challenging sometimes. That interaction with the mean cashier at the grocery store, that fight with your parent, or that crazy text can sometimes leave us feeling a little rattled.

Sometimes this winds up feeling like a physical rattle as though there is something shaking around in our chest. Other times, it can show itself in excessive thinking about the incident (mulling over what was said and done to the enth degree). Sometimes, it can even result in feelings of rage, anger or sadness.

What is this rattle feeling and what does it have to do with energy management? This rattle, my friends, is your energy body telling you that you just came into some yuck energy. The rattling is your energetic self trying to deal with it as it moves its way into and through your physical organs.

A big part of energy management is getting ourselves and our energy body nice and strong so that the rattle cannot get inside. It stays outside of our fields, repelled. We do not absorb it into ourselves or our state of being. (When we do have those interactions, even with a strong field we still notice and manage it, however it does not ‘affect’ us in the sense we act out or get crazy.)

The suggestion for today, day 7 of our energy management experiment, is to give yourself 5 after a rattling experience. Rebuild your energy field and care for yourself from it. That way, you do not absorb it and carry it with you. *The heartbeat of the Universe exercise I suggested we work with for this 10 days is PERFECT for it!)

Energy management through meditation and conscious connection is an in the moment tool that we have to work with anywhere, any moment. The more we harmonize ourselves to a frequency (like universal love spark, as is the case for what we are doing here), the easier it is for us to feel and return to it when we get knocked off course.

Then, we get on with the day (or night) like the energy master rockstars we are.

*I am on the road today. As opposed to do the posting of all the separate instalments of our days as I have been each day until now, I am going to refer you to yesterdays’ post. Scroll down to the bottom for the resources day 1 -5 (and the post is 6): Meditating with Planets – Crow Medicine: (crow-medicine.com)



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